Sunday, December 18, 2016

Introducing Charlotte and her very first Smoking Video

I have a wonderful treat for everyone. I'm ready to unveil Charlotte.   She is a college girl and just about as sweet as they get.

Here are a few pictures of Charlotte just to wet your appetite.

I have no real plans to give much personal detail as she wants to remain a bit anonymous. I assure you though I have several videos that I will be sharing in the future. 

Not only of Charlotte, but also of several of her friends as well! So stay tuned for greatness! Here is her very first video....

Hope you enjoyed and watch for more of Charlotte and friends in the near future!


  1. interesting, I have friend that smoke red 100's and they hate newport 100's

  2. bring back Megan the hockey player

  3. Always reds, why always reds? Can we get 1 all white?

  4. how do we get in contact for custom videos?

  5. Charlotte is really stunning and she seems so fun. Her smoking makes her that more beautiful. Please more of Charlotte she just made my day.

  6. I love to see a beautiful young teen who's become addicted to smoking and loves her habit, especially strong ciggies that pleasure her so much. I have a feeling she knows how to pleasure herself in other ways, too. She's a real hottie and, at 18, is really into her smoking. Good for her!