Saturday, March 4, 2017

Welcome the wonderful Lexi everyone!

Welcome our newest contributor on this fine Saturday.  Lexi is her name and she is a totally awesome girl!

What a beauty!  I’ve been lucky enough to talk with her for weeks now and get to know her a bit. She is sweet but I'll warn you Lexi has a bit of attitude about her. She is a bit feisty!

She was nice enough to give us these wonderful pictures.

Lexi did not smoke at all during her high school years, but she did give us this picture of her posing as Audrey Hepburn.  I guess a little sign of the future eh?

Lexi started smoking the fall of 2015 after she moved off and started college.  Camel Turkish Royals are her favorite brand. Typically she smokes a few a day when she has the money for a pack, but when she goes out partying she said she will go thru a pack no problem.

I asked her how her parents reacted to her smoking and got a most interesting answer! 
----My mom started smoking my senior year of high school after she got divorced. And my dad has smoked my whole life but i never spent that much time with him so it didn't really affect me. I hid it from my mom for a long time but i started while I was away at college so it was easy to hide. She smelt it on me one day after i smoked a cig in the car and she just called me out about it but never said anything about it after that.  My dad says things like Lexi you shouldn't smoke but doesn't do anything about it either. I mean how could they because they both smoked.

I found out her Mom’s friend smoked Capri 120s and her mother picked it up from her friend during the divorce.  Lexi smokes the 120s sometimes too as you can see from this pic!

In fact she told me one time she was missing her mom while away at school and she bought a pack of Capri and sent a pic to her mom!  Lexi was nice enough to give us a couple of short videos I think you will enjoy.  Here is a wonderful lightup with a friend of hers.

The next video is just Lexi smoking on her porch. Enjoy!

I definitely hope to have more of Lexi in the future.  Leave some comments for her please!


  1. You look so cool in the Capri's 120 photograph!

  2. Simply spectacular. What a beauty.

  3. You are one awesome lady and look really amazing smoking a cigarette. Simply wonderful.

  4. A gorgeous young teen whose still-developing lungs in her lovely young body make perfect filters for the cigarette smoke she so desperately needs and enjoys. I'd love to smell her hair, her fingers, her clothes, her breath, her body, and hold her close as she pulls her precious smoke inside her lithe, leggy, limber, lissome young body!