Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Intriguing AC smoking in her cute glasses

Alright everyone we have a brand new contributor! She just wanted to go by her initials AC so I will totally respect her wishes.  She has been so interesting to talk to and get to know. A real sweetheart!

She is so very intriguing. AC looks so sweet and innocent with her glasses yet she has another side to her. 

AC is 21 years old and works at an adult novelties/adult store.  Pretty wild right? She smokes Camel Crush between 5-10 per day and has been regularly smoking since she was 16.

I didn’t get any smoking pictures of her but she did send me a wonderful video talking about her first smoking experience!  I will share with it you today!

She seemed to totally be up for a followup in the future so keep an eye out for AC again!