Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Special Smoking Girl for Super Bowl Weekend

Since it is Super Bowl weekend I thought we would go big for you guys.  Our newest girl Emma is off the charts in my opinion.

Such a total beauty. I think I am just going to let the pictures do her justice.

And Emma is a very proud smoker. 

candid smoking pics

Candid smoking picture after candid smoking picture.

Like I said I am just going to let the wonderful pictures speak for themselves.

beautiful young smoker

I told you she was a candid smoking treasure trove!

More of the beautiful Emma!

cigarette smoking

In my opinion I am saving the best two candids for last. Just Wow!

amazing candid smoking pic

beautiful teen smoking

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  1. Emma Abeba. She's a well known Instagram personality. You could at least leave her name and a link.