Friday, January 20, 2017

Morgan our smoking airline stewardess

Our latest contributor is a stewardess with a major US airline.  She is a former high school soccer goalkeeper and now greatly enjoys the perks of a job that allows her to travel.  Here are some pictures for you to take a look at.

Morgan is in her early twenties and as you can see takes some wonderful pictures.

She was kind enough to give us this wonderful video of her enjoying a layover in Miami as she smokes on her wonderful balcony.


  1. Where and how do you find these women? They're all pretty amazing.

  2. Gee, a stewardess who smokes. Seriously? Most do, though sadly you don't see that in the air anymore.

  3. Love the frequent updates! Best so far!

  4. Awesome video of a wonderful girl smoking! Great that she is an airline stewardess I find that even more amazing to know that they also like to smoke. Makes it more fun to fly and to wonder if any of the other lovely ladies smoke too. I was at the airport recently and was quite amazed at all the stewardesses who came into the smoking lounge to have a cigarette. Thanks Morgan nice to meet you :)