Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lauren smoking Part 1

Alright my friends I have successfully returned from vacation and am ready to begin regular posts for all to enjoy once again. The good news is that while I was gone for ten days I was able to secure some new material and lock down two new girls for tires for the site. I think you will be most pleased with my efforts!

So to kick off the new year I thought I would give you a great one right off the bat!  Her name is Lauren and this will be a two part post. Part 1 today and part 2 tomorrow. I know you are going to like this one!

A little background on Lauren. She is 25 years old and works in a school with special needs children. She is a sweetly and wonderful to talk to. I'll give you some introductory pics for your enjoyment leading up to the big presentation.

As you can see Lauren is a very pretty mid-twenties teacher. We talked about my site here and she was totally into providing us with a video!  The video is full of great dialogue I know you will enjoy.  She shot a video for us in two parts smoking one cigarette.  I'll post part 1 of Lauren smoking today and Part 2 tomorrow!  Just fair warning her lightup is realllllly good!

Hope you enjoyed. Part 2 coming tomorrow!


  1. I am a first time visitor to the site. Unusual but cool, this smoking fetish thing intrigues me. SHe is cute as hell too, and I am a gay man so that is a total compliment :)

  2. Do you know what brand she smokes?

  3. Do you know what brand she smokes?