Friday, January 27, 2017

European Television Star Stephania Potalivo Smoking Feature

So I have a real treat for our next installment.  A genuine European television star.  Stephania Potalivo. Child star on television in her teens and currently the star of a very popular sitcom in Denmark right now.

Her sitcom is called SJIT Happens.  It is highly rated there and she was even nominated for a best actress award for her character in 2015.

Oh and did I mention that Stephania was recently a member of Dancing with the Stars over there where she finished a very impressive second place in the entire competition? She earned the highest scores for three separate dances.

How cool is that? She is very talented!  Oh and Stephania Potalivo would not make it on our site for a feature without being a beautiful smoker. Notice the pack of cigs.

How about these great Stephania Potalivo candid smoking pictures?

She also takes good care of herself despite her clear love for a cigarette.

But nevertheless she clearly enjoys smoking.

Not shy at all about being photographed.

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