Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Girl at the Gym you wonder about. Does she Smoke?

So I would guess pretty much all of us have been there.  We head to the gym for a good workout.  Break a nice sweat and scan the room.  There she is.  The beautiful young woman right over there. You can't help but spot her from far away.

She lights up the entire place.  Over on the exercise bike.  Or on the stairmaster.  There she is an you can't help but stare at her beauty.

And then we wonder.  Curious to know if she smokes.  Does she leave the gym, hop into her car and light up a cigarette?  Does she smoke when she goes out?

In this particular case. It's a big YES! She smokes.

One of the ultimate contradictions.  The workout wonder who also enjoys smoking.  Well here she is! An example I think you will absolutely love!

Our workout beauty is quite the athlete it looks. Here she is after running the Nordic Race....

I wonder how long she waited to enjoy a cigarette afterwards?

 We even are lucky enough to have a short clip of our smoking workout beauty:


  1. That's awesome. I used to go to the gym regularly and would spot a few beauties lighting up as they left the gym. Those are some of the best sightings.

    I recently found this great site and I have a question... How the heck do you come up with this stuff? I mean, I'd be too shy to approach these girls or much less talk to them about posing for some smoking pics/videos. I guess I think it would creep them out. What's the secret?

    I've had the idea of starting my own smoking girls blog for a while now but coming up with the material is the sticking point for me. But it's pretty apparent that between this site and others, you guys are getting these girls to smoke for you with no apparent strings attached...

  2. I've left my workout in the middle of it to follow a girl to her car to see if she smoked. Those are the best!!!