Friday, December 9, 2016

A warm welcome for the beautiful Kristen!

A warm welcome to our newest contributor Kristen! Our very first model from the beautiful country of South Africa and as you can see she is just stunning!

I have been honored to get to know her recently and I can also share Kristen is just as sweet & fun to talk to as she is beautiful. Sorry everyone no contact information will be released as usual, but she is a sweetheart.

I love her eyes!

Kristen is 18 years of age and started smoking about 8 months ago. Of course I was curious as to how she started smoking and Kristen said "I pretty much got into it with my two girl friends at school. We'd smoke during breaks."

Awesome eh?
I had to know how many she smoked a day so I got up the courage and asked her. She replied "It depends really. I enjoy smoking when I'm busy or like when I walk to the shop just for example. So I'd say about 4-7 a day."

 When I asked her what her favorite thing about smoking was Kristen said: "I love how it brings people together. Like at school all the smokers would like gather together. So it was a great way to find common ground with people. Bonding over a cigarette. I also think the most amazing time to smoke a cigarette is just after you come out of your exam room then you light up. Its great!"

I think Kristen enjoyed the experience and we might just be lucky enough to have her back in the future for a followup. I sure hope so, she is simply awesome!

She was also so kind to shoot a short video for the site. It is 16 seconds of greatness! Keep in mind she has only been smoking a few months. It is wonderful to see she clearly is understanding the style of it!


  1. She's lovely! Great find.

  2. absolutely stunning! love her story & look forward to more from her in the future!