Monday, November 14, 2016

Zoe Kazan Smoking

This is one I have waited and waited for.  To me there is just something about Zoe Kazan. You may not know who she is but her movies are simply wonderful. Zoe has such a presence and spunk about her.  If you haven't seen Ruby Sparks with Zoe and Paul Dano you must. It is greatness!

Zoe Kazan is tremendously talented. She didn't just star in Ruby Sparks, she wrote it as well. I love her her uniqueness amongst the same old Hollywood crap.

I have waited for years for anything on Zoe Kazan smoking.  Nothing. Only a single papparazzi video where she comes out to sign some autographs and asks them not to photograph her smoking. The seed was sewn right there.  Unfortunately, no pictures surfaced of her with a cigarette.

Finally now we have it.  In her new movie The Monster, Zoe Kazan smokes. (The movie is getting wonderful reviews by the way)  And man does she smoke! Hands free light ups.  Wonderful drags! She clearly loves to smoke!

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