Monday, November 28, 2016

Introducing Rebecca to you all

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  It's time to introduce a new contributor to our site. Rebecca is simply wonderful and she has an amazing smoking story that I will share with everyone a little later that is written in her very own words!

Here are some more pictures to introduce Rebecca.

Now for her most interesting smoking story. I won't preface it at all. Here is it in her very own words:

Well growing up, both of my parents smoked, for as long as I can remember. They never smoked in the house or in the car with me and my brother, but they would go outside all the time. But I would smell it on them, and I hated it. I gave them crap for years about quitting. Especially when my mom got hurt and my dad got cancer. I made them both baskets full of stuff to help them quit. But I didn't understand the difficulty that comes with quitting.

Even when I got older, smoking was always something I had looked down on even though all of my friends and ever guy I dated all smoked.

But when I started smoking, my mind changed on all of it. I learned a lot and I see it completely different now.

I started smoking on my 21st birthday. (Here is a picture from that very night!)

I lived with three girls at the time and they all smoked and we lived in an apartment complex between two gas stations, and this really good pizza/sub place. Well we went to one gas station, Sammy's, because he gives you a free shot glass if you come in on your 21st. We were walking over to the other gas station because they had cheaper prices, and my roommates all bought cigarettes and black and milds. I decided to try the black and mild because it smelled so good. And then I was hooked.

It wasn't what I expected. I didn't cough or get sick, it just came so easily for me to smoke. It felt natural. So I bought a pack of cigarettes, Marlboro 54s.

I smoked them for a while, and then switched around with different menthols. I was on a Camel Crush kick for a long time. Until menthols started making me feel weird, and then I switched over to Marlboro Special Blends.

I got up to smoking half a pack a day very quickly because I was 21 so I was drinking a lot, which made me smoke more. And then I got up to a whole pack a day within a year. I've cut back though, down to half a pack a day these days.

I'm bipolar and I have ptsd and anxiety issues. And when I get into my mania phase, I smoke more. And when my anxiety kicks in, taking a smoke break is more therapeutic than just about anything else I've found. Smoking relaxes me, calms me down, and I enjoy it, every second of it.

People have told me to quit, tries to bargain with me, make deals, but smoking is a part of who I am. My friends were all surprised, but also very accepting. It was kind of like welcome to the club.

I hid it from my parents for 3 years. I finally told them when my best friend got me a hookah set from her trip to Dubai. They were shocked, but then they started buying cigarettes for me.

My parents wish I would quit, but it's also become a type of bonding time for us.

Wow right? What an awesome story.  Rebecca was kind enough to give us a few pictures of her smoking as well.

She also gave us a little video:

I know she enjoyed this experience. Hopefully we can bring Rebecca back for another visit sometime soon!


  1. So awesome. She is a natural. Thanks for finding her.

  2. So awesome! I enjoyed her story also thank you very much. Nice site also.

  3. So awesome! I enjoyed her story also thank you very much. Nice site also.