Wednesday, October 5, 2016

College Roommates Kat & Stella

Here are a pair of beauties I was able to stumble across and make friends with. Told them about our little site and the two girls were happy to indulge us with some wonderful stuff.

Here is Stella:

Tall, Thin, Beautiful. And you know both Stella and Kat smoke!

I was not able to get a ton of stuff from the two roommates, but I did get a little bit to share with everyone.  Here are a few of Kat:

Hopefully I will be lucky enough to get more for everyone in the future. Fingers crossed.


  1. "Kat" is cute, but why are they always "college girls"?

  2. I hear ya. I do have a couple of features in the pipeline you might like. One is 25 and has a smoking story u will all love! The other is 34 and is an awesome woman! Hopefully I can wrappem up & get them onsite in the next couple weeks.