Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Beauty from the Great Northwest

Another treat for everyone. Our latest project hailing from the Great Northwest is a college sophomore with an interesting story I think you will enjoy. First an introduction:

A very focused, intelligent and hard working young woman. She was a high school swimmer and also performed at her HS in plays, dance and musicals.

 Definitely not someone you would ever think would smoke. In fact she didn't. Never touching a cigarette through her high school years. Not even in her freshman year of college. Never smoked once.

Then summer before her sophomore year happened! She began to go to more parties. Began to drink a bit. And with the parties she decided to try a cigarette. August of this year in fact.

Next thing you know she is bumming cigs everytime she goes out this summer. She was so kind as to take some smoking selfies for us!

She even supplied us with a short little video!

Hope everyone enjoyed. I have several more smoking women in the pipeline! Coming soon will be a 25 year who I think you will love! Keep checking back for more.


  1. She is lovely. Unfortunately the video isnt working, i will check back to see if it is fixed later.

    How much is she smoking a day now and how are you coming across all these gorgeous young women who are wiling to let you post their photos and videos for us to enjoy?

  2. I am not sure of the vid problem. they are on youtube. it might be a mobile thing. they work fine on my desktop, but dont work on ipad.

  3. WOW! She is the best. Glad she is enjoying herself. Hope for more!

  4. How can I find your videos on YouTube?

  5. What about the story? Would like to read it more :)