Friday, September 23, 2016

Introducing Morgan! Sweet Feisty and simply Awesome

So I have a wonderful treat for you guys today.  I have met the most beautiful girl. Her name is Morgan.  She is sweet. Funny. Beautiful. Feisty!  A total joy to talk to. And Morgan is a confident smoker.  I won’t be revealing any contact information, but I promise she is aware of the site, this article and is interested to see what everyone thinks of it and her beautiful pictures.

I am always interested in how someone starts. Their early days as a budding smoker.  She is actually turning 23 this weekend and told me she had her first cigarette at age 11.  She now smokes Marlboro Smooths and is a pack a day girl now.  I was told that when she was younger she would smoke in the shower so that the smell from her shampoo would mask the smell.  She finally got caught when she forgot to flush the toilet one day after smoking in the shower.

Morgan is totally aware of the site and she was happy to contribute for you guys.  She sent some smoking selfies to enjoy. 

Finally we have the real treat!  Morgan was kind enough to send a short video for you enjoyment.  Check these out!

Let her know what you think please.  We might just be lucky enough for her to come back for a second installment!


  1. Such a pleasure to meet Morgan! She is breathtaking.

    I don't think I have ever heard of anyone smoking in the shower before, I love it.

  2. Video links do not work

    1. Then as soon as I commented, they started working - disregard the last message

  3. Awesome!
    What a wonderful thread/post/story/girl!
    I will wait impatiently for her next contribution!

  4. Well, I love morgan. Feeling perfect!!