Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The beautiful Lily Rose Depp Smoking

Ah the young Lily Rose Depp. Model/Actress daughter of the immensely talented Johnny Depp.  Ms Depp is just getting her start in the real world and I think she is someone we will definitely see much more of in the future.  Does she have star power? We shall see.

Lily Rose Depp also looks like she enjoys a cigarette.  I have no proof she is a regular smoker but pictures are surfacing that pushes us in that direction.

Young actress is in a few upcoming movies including the Kevin Smith film Yoga Hosers and a big role in Planetarium with Emma Roberts, who we all know is a very proud smoker!  In fact it looks like Lily Rose Depp will smoke onscreen in the film. Here is a very interesting still from the movie.  Can't wait to see more when the movie releases in November.

Lily Rose Depp was also pictured smoking during the shooting of the film in Paris. Here are some very nice Lily Rose Depp smoking candids:

As you can see Lily Rose Depp is definitely one to watch!  She is only 17 and just starting to make the scene. Hopefully she will get some bigger roles in the future.


  1. hadnt heard of her before this, thanks for the introduction

  2. Lily-Rose was born to smoke, and now she does. She's one of the most stunning girls who ever lived. (See Depp2 above.)