Monday, July 25, 2016

Beautiful Australian model Megan Irwin smoking

Ahhh Megan Blake Irwin. The 21 year old Australian model is quite the beauty. And she is also a proud smoker as evidenced by the many Megan Irwin candid smoking photos! She started modeling at age 14 and has made a nice living for herself in the scene.

As you can see Megan Blake Irwin is quite a talented model and stunningly beautiful. 

I simply love these next two pictures of her getting a little workout in.

In today's uber politically correct environment it is refreshing to see such a beauty not worried about being photographed enjoying a cigarette. Here is a nice selection of Megan Irwin smoking pictures for your enjoyment.

Here she is extracting a cigarette from her pack of Marlboro Reds

A couple of posed modeling photos

Some more Megan Irwin smoking candids

Finally, here is the very first Megan Irwin smoking picture I could track down. This picture is over 4 years old meaning at most she was 17 very possibly 16 when this was taken. Too bad the background is white but we have a very nice exhale!

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  1. Thanks much for this beautiful gallery. Megan is extremely hot. I have great respect for her posed, smoking hot beach pictures.