Monday, April 25, 2016

Kristy & the Barnett Family - While the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play

The long awaited next Chapter in the story of Kristy, her family and friends smoking journey

Meanwhile back in Southlake, the oldest Barnett daughter was also enjoying herself.  With Kim and Kristy in Tulsa this gave Jessica an opportunity to have a little get together.  She knew she could convince her dad to let her have some friends over Saturday night. He was cool like that and now that she was 18 Jessica didn't anticipate a problem. He'd welcome the chance to go watch a ballgame with his friends anyway.

Jess spread the word at school in the days leading up to the weekend.  Fifteen or twenty were the expectations that her father had agreed to. Nothing too large or out of control.  Most of her swim team would be coming.  Some of her guy friends were lining up some alcohol.  Not too much of course, but enough to liven up the place for those that wanted.

She had been thinking for days. How would she handle the smoking?  Was she ready to come out in front of everyone who would be attending? Let the cat out of the bag so to speak. Jess was definitely a bit nervous about it as she had a morning cigarette in her and Kristy's bathroom before driving to school on Friday morning.

At school the word was out. After a few classes it became evident that there could easily be 20-30 coming to her house Saturday night.  A lot of the swimmers were definitely coming as well as her study group friends Misty and Amy. It was going to be epic!

She spent Saturday cleaning and getting the house ready. She also got the talk from her dad about respecting the house and such.  Jess assured him most everyone would be outside around the pool rather than inside.  She knew there would be alcohol, but Jess felt she had fairly responsible friends. Hopefully, things wouldn't get out of control and everyone would have an enjoyable night.

Friends began to arrive a little after 8:00 and the party was slowly taking off. A lot of the swimmers had arrived and not surprisingly they were milling around the pool area. Some had a beer and others were not partaking. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.  Then Misty and Amy showed up. These were Jess’s study partners from the library. The three had become closer over the past few weeks spending time together.  Misty had also busted Jessica outside the library having a sneaky cigarette awhile back.

“Heyyyyyy!” Jess exclaimed as she raced over to give the girls a big hug. “Thanks for coming!”

“Are you kidding! You know we would not miss this.” Amy replied.  The three girls paused to survey the scene.  It looked to be about 25 high schoolers there so far. Inside. Outside. All over the place enjoying a nice Saturday evening.  Jess led the three into the kitchen where they grabbed a wine cooler from the fridge.  None of the girls were big drinkers but every so often they would.

Jess left her two study partners and made the rounds talking to just about everybody in attendance. She was quite proud of hosting a great night.  After about 30 minutes she made her way back to Amy and Misty who were hanging out in the living room.  “Hey ya’ll!  Having fun? Jessica asked.

“Oh yes, thanks. Just hanging out in here right now.” Amy replied.

Misty leaned over close to her friend. “Hey Jessica, let’s go have a cig.  I want to try one.”

Jessica reared back looking surprisingly at Misty.  Her eyes widened as she stared at Misty and slowly gave a big grin.  “Oh really? When did this come about?”

Revisit when Misty stumbled upon Jessica smoking at the library study group

Truthfully Jessica was more than ready for a smoke. She had been nervous as most everyone at the party had no idea she loved her cigarettes. The moment of truth had arrived though and it was nice to not have to do it alone!  “Ok give me a minute and we’ll head out by the pool.”

Jessica ran upstairs to her bedroom and picked up her pack of Marlboro Light 100s and her lighter heading back downstairs to her friends.  Nobody seemed to notice the pack of cigarettes in her hand as Jessica zipped past the guests in her living room.  At least nobody said anything.  She motioned to Amy and Misty and the three headed out by the pool.  There were about 15 people milling around. Mostly her teammates from swimming.  Jessica waved with her free hand as she passed a few and the three moved towards a quiet part of the pool area where they might have some privacy.

Two big moments had arrived.  Jessica was ready to come out of the closet as a real smoker.  She had kept it in the shadows for months. Pretty much only her family knew aside from Misty who had caught her sneaking away from the study group one night.  Not one other soul at the party had any inkling the Southlake swimmer lover to smoke. 

As Jessica removed two cigarettes from her pack she glanced over to Amy.  “What about you Amy?  Are you having a cig with us?” Amy shyly shook her head no.

As the tall, thin swimmer handed the cigarette to her friend Misty she asked “So Misty, what’s made you decide to try it? You haven’t ever smoked before?”

“Nope” Misty replied.  “I have been thinking about it over the last week since I saw you at the library.  I think I want to see what it is like.”

Jessica smiled “Well I love my ciggies!” and all three girls giggled.

Misty accepted the Marlboro. Both Misty and Jessica glanced around. Nobody was paying any attention so the time had arrived.  She raised the long all white cigarette to her waiting lips and brought the lighter to life. One more look around and Jessica cupped her hand and dragged hard as she flame touched the tip.  She felt the smoke enter her waiting mouth and slide down her throat.  Oh how she loved the sensation as she inhaled deeply. 

Both Misty and Amy watched as their study partner took the freshly lit cigarette away from her lips and sucked the smoke deep inside.  Jessica smiled as she saw them watching. Then she turned her head to the side and let loose her typical long exhale into the night sky.  

After watching her friend’s display Misty was even more nervous.  “I dunno Jess. I don’t think I can do that.”

“Of course you can’t silly.” was Jessica’s reply.  “It took me weeks of practice.  The more you smoke the more comfortable you get.”

“I dunno.” Misty protested, but Amy chimed in. “Oh come on Misty. Go for it.”  as Jess nodded encouragement.

“Ok but don’t laugh when I choke!”

“Just take a little hit and you won’t.” Jess encouraged. “Here. I will light you.” as Jessica put her own cig between her lips to give her use of both hands.

“OK. Here goes nothing.”  Misty put the cigarette tentatively between her lips.

Jessica brought the lighter up to the waiting cig “Now pull gently”

Misty began to suck softly and soon smoke filled her mouth.  She quickly reached for the cigarette and pushed the smoke out.

Jessica giggled as Amy watched intently as to how her friend would handle her first time smoking.  “See you didn’t choke at all” Jessica said.  “Now watch this.”

She raised her cigarette and took a notably smaller drag than normal. Jessica was hoping her friend would study and learn. After completing the short drag, Jess removed the cigarette and after a brief pause gave a pronounced inhale so Misty would see.  After the inhale Jess smile and then exhaled a small amount of smoke yet still enough to be visible to her friends.

“There. That’s how it is done.  Just start simple and you will learn to like it I think”

Misty nodded and decided to give it another try.  This time she would try to do it more like her friend she decided.  Bringing the cigarette to her mouth Misty took a small drag and tentatively inhaled. It was not a lot of smoke, but she definitely felt it hit her virgin lungs. Jessica saw her friends eyes widen as she exhaled a small bit of smoke.

“Hey you did it!”

A wide smile graced Misty’s lips. Her sense of accomplishment made her nod to her friends. 

Jessica took her usual big drag as she watched her friend beam with excitement.  As Jessica exhaled she said “Well what do you think? Smoke slipping from her lips with every word.

“Not bad at all. I think I might could get used to this!” Misty had no idea her mom Teri had recently picked smoking back up after a two year hiatus!

As the three girls stood at the edge of the pool area some of Jessica's friends from the swim team took notice of her smoking.  A few heads began to turn and glance in her direction.  "Well the cat's out of the bag." Jess thought to herself.  "Might as well go big."

She raised her cigarette to her lips as several of the swimmers watched.  Jessica made up her mind to take a big drag to make her point.  Her cheeks caved as she pulled extra hard on her long cigarette drawing a huge amount of smoke into her waiting lungs.  As she inhaled deeply she gave a smile and wave to her swimmer friends while holding a chestful of smoke.  Finishing her wave Jessica unleashed a huge plume of smoke into the night air for all the world to see.  Jessica Barnett was officially announced as a smoker.


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