Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Let's get 2016 off to a Great Start!

First post of the New Year!    So I just got back from a couple of weeks in London and I must say Wow!  Young ladies smoking everywhere!  I rarely would go 5 minutes without a cute 18-30 year old sighting.  The young women definitely smoke in London.  Outside every tube station. Walking down the street. Everywhere I looked.  I had more good sightings there than I have had in the entire year here in the States.  I would also venture that 75% of the sightings were young women smoking by themselves.  Just a single beauty walking down the street or standing outside the tube station or a restaurant.  I only wish I were by myself on the trip as I would have been snapping pic after pic! Ah the memories. I was able to get two short videos of a very attractive young lady outside the airport upon my arrival home. Maybe I will share them later.

Anyway, let's get 2016 started with some great smoking pictures shall we?

A nice start there eh?

Let me give a background on these next two. A new facebook friend of mine who is a smoker. Of course I had to look back through her pictures and just happened to find these two pics back from her high school days!  Check these two out.

And here is her friend on the left in the first pic taking a beautiful eyes closed drag!

Love these next two:

And some to finish up.

Have a great day!!!

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