Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Beautiful Smokers of Star Wars - Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher and Natalie Portman

Ahh the starring women of Star Wars.  It didn't matter which series of episodes we were treated to we always had a beauty to cheer for.  The beautiful young Carrie Fisher of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Then we got the beautiful Natalie Portman for the next series of movies.  Now the new star is the sassy Brit Daisy Ridley.  AS it turned out all three smoked.  Carrie Fisher and Natalie Portman confirmed. There is not much out there on Daisy Ridley as she makes her worldwide splash, but I just have that feeling content is going to pop up as she blasts into the public eye.

Carrie Fisher
So beautiful as Princess Leia. A whole generation of young girls loved her and a whole generation of men drooled over her.  She had a really nice, but short smoking scene in The Blue Brothers.  Other than that nothing really grabbed me of her smoking aside from a few pictures that surfaced over the years.

Natalie Portman
Then came the long awaited prequels.  We had to sit through the nauseating Jar Jar Binks, but we also got to see the young Natalie Portman blast onto the scene.  She had a little smoking scene when she was younger in The Professional. It was pretty much nothing though. Even though Natalie was anti smoking for awhile and then bam. A smoker was born. She has even smoked in several movies since.

Daisy Ridley
And now we have Daisy Ridley.  A little known British girl won the audition and stepped into a spotlight of wordly porportions.  So our thoughts turn to "I wonder if she smokes?"  It seems she had one short scene in a previous movie and a picture surfaced from awhile back. We can only hope. Personally, I expect more to pop up as we go forward.


  1. Yeah, so great - but man, get back to the story. I'm dying!!!

  2. Speculating about Daisy Ridley is kind of silly...
    Why not focus on Gal Gadot who will shortly play Wonderwoman? There are pictures of her smoking...

  3. Could the Sith be seen as extremist anti-smokers? Anakin's attempts to save Padme against her will turn him into Darth Vader and Lucas said that one of the themes of Star Wars is that the bad guys see themselves as the good guys.

  4. Not surprised to find that Carrie Fisher smoked. She had other issues too, but smoking is one of the most effective ways of achieving premature aging and untimely death. Smoking is a horrible addiction in the guise of a sorry, ugly habit. RIP Carrie Fisher...Gone too soon.

    1. yes you are correct. want to look old before your time, take up smoking. it was painfully obvious that she smoked. ruined her looks and voice.

  5. What tobacco company owns this inane website?

  6. Interesting article, but even as a moderately heavy smoker myself the glorification and praise of the habit is pretty shameful. Rest in Peace Carrie

  7. Too bad they don't show what Carrie Fisher looked like just before her death after 47 years of smoking. Google images of Debbie Reynolds (her mother) with Carrie and they look almost the same age even though Debbie's 84. Very sad. RIP Princess Leia ...

  8. Felicity Jones needs an entry here, as she is a true heavy smoker, with pics/videos all over.