Friday, November 20, 2015

The Origins of the Kristy & the Barnett Family stories

So over the last few years I have been slowly recording the smoking adventures of Kristy, her sister Jessica, her mother Kim and their friends. I think the stories have been well received by most. I know everyone would like more frequent updates, but to be honest I can't make myself write. Then it becomes "work" and I don't think the chapters would be nearly of the quality the readers prefer. I do plan to continue the story though so don't worry.

I have had many ask what the inspiration was to start the Kristy and the Barnett Family stories.  Was it a family I once knew? Was Kristy a girl from my past? Just what made me decide to sit down and start the writing Kristy's smoking journey.

Well to be truthful it was none of the above. It was actually a pair if smoking pictures I found years ago.  I will share the pictures with you. I wish there were more than just these two candida but I have never stumbled across any more.  In the two pictures Kristy is the girl in the red soccer hoodie while Devin from the stories is the friend in the second picture.  Enjoy!

Kristy Smoking

Devin Smoking
As far as Kristy's mother Kim.  She is a girl from my past. Started smoking in high school. I found out she was smoking in 9th grade. She was a cheerleader and one of the prettiest girls in school.  Before she could even drive there was one night I drove Kim and two of her freshman cheerleader friends to a park in town that was pretty secluded.  I was treated to getting to watch the three of them smoke two cigarettes each.

After I went off to college I ran back into Kim a few years later at a local bar on the patio. She must have been about 20-21 by then. We said our hellos and she sat with her friends at another table while I sat with my friends about 20 feet away. She must have smoked 5 cigarettes over the course of two hours and I was able to observe. A truly beautiful smoker. Long drags. She smoked exactly like I have Kim smoke in the stories.  One of the rare smoking beauties who inhales to her toes. Then holds the smoke before a wonderful cone exhale.

So there you have it. The inspirations for Kristy & The Barnett Family Smoking stories!


  1. Nice photos. I can see where the inspiration comes from and thanks for sharing it. What about inviting readers to submit their own chapters? You choose each chapter based on the submissions you receive. That way the story is continued but you have the control over its direction based on the submissions you receive and subsequently post on the website. Just an idea. If not, please carry on. I appreciate the time and effort that you put in.

    1. An interesting concept.
      I have written about a dozen more chapters.
      Got tired of waiting for more, I guess.

  2. An interesting insight into your inspiration behind the story. I am a big fan so far, and all your characters are very detailed and engaging.

    You ever thought about posting this at SFK? They would love this type of story.

  3. I have an unhealthy fascination with my fetish, and read your stories, although I do feel that they are a little over-fantasized and may be too far removed from reality.

    I've mixed feelings about this; on the one hand it is harmless fantasizing, but on the other, I always feel the urge to criticize you strongly. (which I try not to do. I don't want to put you off writing them.)

    The thing is, the characters don't behave like real people. I do think your stories could improve if you aged the girls a little, and introduced a boyfriend, maybe with a smoking fetish. Then introduce sex... this fantasy about wholesome teenage girls smoking can't be dragged out forever.

    On another level, if your characters could be more believable, you could try to portray smoking less as a fantasy, but rather as a means to go against the normal stereotypes. i.e. portray good girls smoking. I'm thinking of the opening few minutes of the independent horror movie, It Follows, where the protagonist's sister is shown smoking, and somehow they made it work for a character that was not a stereotype. She was an innocent girl, shown smoking, and they somehow pulled it off.

  4. The picture of "Kristy" is absolutely amazing!
    I have no problem understanding why it got you inspired!!!

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  6. I think pictures can be a great basis for creating a story, whether the people featured and their characters are real or not. I am surprised more are not inspired by knockout pictures like the above to write their own fantasies.

  7. I like your stories and from that picture I can understand how you were inspired to write them. That is a beautiful girl. Don't listen to Jerome - this about a family and their daughters emulating their mother's smoking. Yes, it seems a bit far-fetched in this day and age but that's OK. I think your writing is fine and you should continue.

  8. Thanks for the pictures. As a writer, I often develop characters from pictures.