Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kristy & the Barnett Family - Tulsa Part 3

The girls had one more match Saturday afternoon as they were looking to build on their opening victory from the morning.  It was another solid performance as Kristy and Devin helped the team keep their perfect record with a 2-0 victory over a squad from Kansas City. The girls were quite happy afterwards knowing they had control of their group heading into Sunday's final group game.

Everyone piled back into their cars and headed back to the hotel to clean up.  Being Saturday night many of the parents were planning on going out to dinner and grabbing some "fun" time of their own.  The girls were more than happy to stay back at the hotel and mess around.

Kristy got a nice hot shower and plopped down on the bed.  Her mother was getting ready as she was planning on joining the other parents who were going out for a couple of hours.

"Now you girls behave while we are gone.  No running around the halls and especially no going outside or anything like that."

"Ok mom. We'll probably just hang out in Michelle's room or something.  It's been a long day anyways." Kristy replied.

"That sounds like a good idea honey.  I'll be heading out in a minute."

Kristy nodded. "Y'all have fun."

"See you in a couple hours."  Kim said as she walked out the door.

It was 7:30. Kristy figured they would not be back until probably 10:00. Time to go see what everyone else was doing.  Kristy gave her mom ten minutes to get out of the hotel and then decided to head for Michelle's room.  She would stop by and grab Devin on the way though.  Kristy sent Devin a quick text and her friend was standing outside the door when Kristy arrived.

"Hey let's head up and see what Michelle is doing ok?" K it's asked her friend.

"Sure that sounds like a plan!" And the two were off.  Michelle's room was a couple of floors above so the girls hopped on the elevator and made way.  As Kristy and Devin headed down the hallway, Michelle was peeking out her door and saw the two. She grinned widely and motioned for the two to get over there.

"Hey! Look what I've got." Michelle said quietly as she pulled something from beneath her t-shirt.  Before Kristy could say anything she looked down and saw her teammate pull out an ecig.  "Wanna try it with us?"

Kristy and Devin were completely caught be surprise.  Michelle was the last girl on the team you would have ever guessed. Yet there she was waving an ecig and smiling.

Kristy wasted no time responding.  "Heck yeah."  Any tension was broken right there as Devin and Kristy entered Michelle's room.  "Where did you get that?"

"My older brother got it for me." The blonde haired defender answered.

Kristy was a bit apprehensive, yet curious about how the ecig would taste.  She had really grown to love her cigarettes and had never even thought about trying an ecig up to this point.  Her time was here though.

"What's it like?" Asked Devin.

Michelle responded. "Well I have only used it a few times, but I love the way the smoke looks when I exhale."

Devin nodded as Kristy listened.  Kristy too loved to let loose with long exhales, but nothing beat the feeling of taking a long drag and inhaling as deeply as she could.  Kristy loved the feeling of the smoke in her chest even more than watching the exhale.

"Well show us." Devin said.

Michelle grinned and put the ecig to her mouth.  She was clearly a novice taking a very small pull before shooting a rather short stream of smoke from her mouth.  She looked over to see the reaction from her two teammates.

"Not bad." Said Devin as Kristy nodded hiding her unimpressed thoughts.meanwhile, Michelle looked quite proud of herself grinning from ear to ear.

"Here Devin you try it." Michelle said as she handed the ecig to Devin.  The soccer player took it without hesitation. As she did, Kristy spoke up "I'll be right back" and she raced out the door.

"She isn't going to go tell on me us she?" Michelle asked Devin.

"Oh no. You don't have to worry about that at all." Devin replied keeping her knowledge of her friend's smoking to herself.  Devin raised the ecig to her lips and took a fairly small drag. She had no idea what to expect since she had only tried a few cigarettes in her life.  After she exhaled she said "Not too bad."

There was a knocking at the door and both girls whirled around startled and a bit fearful of just who was outside.  Then they heard Kristy's voice. Hey. Let me in. It's me."

Devin and Michelle giggled as they let her in.  "Where did you go?" Michelle asked.

Kristy reached into her pocket and pulled out her pack of Marlboro Light 100s and said "To get these!"

Michelle freaked out.  "Oh my gosh! Are those yours? Where did you get them?"

Kristy smiled and nodded. "They're mine."

"You smoke? No way!" Michelle exclaimed.

Again Kristy nodded confidently to her friend.  She walked over and opened the large window as wide as she could.  "Mind if I light one?"

Michelle hesitated. "We can't have my mom smell it. She'll kill me!"

"Don't worry I'll blow the smoke outside" said Kristy as she pulled a cigarette for her pack and got out her pink lighter.

"Wow! I had no idea! I want to try one." Michelle stated.

Kristy put the long cigarette to her lips and brought the lighter to life.  She raised the flame to meet the end of her cigarette and began to suck gently as it caught.  Happiness flooded her chest as she inhaled that first big drag.

Michelle almost fell over. "Holy crap!  How did you learn that?" As Kristy released a long exhale out the window.

"It just takes practice silly" was Kristys reply.

"Show me again! The impressed 15 year old exclaimed.  She could not believe her eyes.  Not only was one of her teammates smoking a real cigarette.  She was a smoking stud.

Michelle and Devin watched as Kristy raised the all white cigarette to her lips again.  This time Kristy went big taking a long drag. She smiled at Michelle her chest rising as she inhaled.  Pausing before exhaling "See." Then she jetted a long cone into the night air.

"Oh my god! That's amazing!" Michelle was blown away.  "Lemme try it"she said holding out her hand.

Kristy gladly obliged heading the cigarette to Michelle.  She was quite interested to see what would happen next.

Michelle was fearless after seeing Kristy. She brought the cigarette upwards, placing it between her lips.  Kristy's eye brows rose as she watched her friend.  Michelle took a solid drag on the cigarette.  Much to long in Kristy's opinion. Both girls watched as Michelle broke into a coughing fit.

"What the heck" Michelle spouted between coughs.  "Yikes."

"Slow down there" Kristy said. "Don't take such a big pull just starting. You have to learn to inhale.  Take a smaller hit next time and it will be easier."

After recovering Michelle was ready for another try.  She would be easy this time.  Putting the cigarette in her mouth she counted in her head. One. Two. Removing the cigarette Michelle sucked the smoke into her waiting lungs.  It slid down her throat and into her chest. Kristy watched as Michelle's eyes widened. Then she turned her head and let a thin stream of smoke shoot out the window.

"There! That was perfect." Kristy commented.

"Well done" said Devin.

"I did it!" Michelle was clearly proud of herself.  "Oooh my chest tingles."

"Not bad at all.  A little practice and you'll have it down." Kristy took back her ML100 and raised it to for another long.  Michelle watched intently.  Finishing her exhale Kristy turned "Thats how it's done." Smoke escaping with each syllable.


  1. I like these stories, but ecigs do nothing for me.

    How old is Kristy now? 15?

    The fantasizing in some of these is more obvious than others, and it's now often the case that I can't suspend my disbelief and actually enjoy them anymore. They're not behaving like real teenagers - they're becoming too stereotypical of the obvious subjects of (unhealthy?) fantasizing.

    How prevalent is it really to be turned on my 14 or 15 year old girls? I think it's time to introduce a 16 year old birthday party, and move the story along a little bit. 17 or 18 would be even better.

  2. I want to hear about Kim being a bit more wild. Michelle is a nice addition, but the more Kristy and her mom partake together, the better.

    Maybe a fun twist is Kim longing to have a man to smoke with. Now that's fantasy.

  3. Please don't make us wait 2 months for a follow up

  4. Also will Devin become a regular smoker?

  5. Another good part to the story and a great addition of Michelle. I look forward to reading about her becoming a smoker in the story. I think it's time the story gets home from Tulsa and back to the regular story. Still curious if Misty becomes a smoker and I would like to see if Devin smoking more.

  6. My god, why does it take so long? Do you need a partner? I will pay, help, etc