Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kristy and the Barnett Family - Tulsa Part 2

Kristy and the girls were up bought and early the next morning to play their opening game of the tournament.  The match went well with the team winning 3-1.  Kristy grabbed an assist and played over fifty minutes of the seventy minute soccer game.

Everyone was excited after the match both girls and parents alike.  Devin road back to the hotel with Kim and Kristy.  The three talked non stop all the way back as they discussed all the important plays from the game.  Kim was so excited she did not even remember she had not had a cigarette in over two hours.

After arriving back at the hotel the girls had a long break before their late afternoon match.  Kristy grabbed a shower to clean up and settled into the room to wind down from the busy morning.

After lying on the bed and watching some television the craving hit.  Kristy squirmed as she started to think about having a cigarette.  It was noon and she had not smoked the entire day!  The youngster thought longingly about the wonderful feeling of the smoke rolling down her throat and into her waiting lungs.  She squirmed some more and decided it was time to speak up.

Kim was in the other room messing around on her phone, but she was wanting a cigarette even worse than her daughter.  Kim raised her head as Kristy entered.

"Umm Mom." Kristy said quietly.

"Yes, Hun.  What's up?"

"Well, I really would love a cigarette."

"I thought you would never ask!" Her mother exclaimed smiling her daughters way.

Kristy's eyes lit up as she realized they were both on the same wave length.

"Well where do we go?" The young soccer player asked her mom.  Her craving would soon be satisfied!

"Hmmmm, I guess we need to get out of here don't you think?"

"Heck yeah!" Kristy said as she ran into the bedroom to grab her stash of Marlboro Light 100s from her suitcase. Running back into the room Kim was already waiting at the door anxiously.

"Let's go!"

The mother and daughter took the elevator to the lobby and headed for the front exit.  It just so happened coach Rebecca was sitting in the lobby chatting on her phone.  Kristy waved as she headed towards the door with a big smile on her face.  Coach Rebecca couldn't help but notice Kim right behind her with her pack of cigarettes and lighter quite visible in her hand.

Rebecca thought back to the night before in the elevator with Kristy.  The smell of smoke on the youngster and the gum she was smacking on.  Once again the red flags were raised to the coach.  "I am going to really watch closely the rest of the weekend.  I think something's up." She thought to herself before going back to her phone conversation.

Once outside the doors the two practically ran to their awaiting car.  As soon as they exited the parking lot Kim was already taking a long drag on her cigarette.  Kristy watched with intent as her mother let loose a long stream of smoke straight into the front windshield. Kristy waited until the hotel was out of sight before placing the long all white cigarette between her lips.

Kim looked over to see her young daughter flick her pink lighter to life and touch the flame to the waiting cigarette.  The end glowed brightly as Kim watched Kristy take a huge first drag.  The freshman seemed to inhale the smoke all the way to her toes as her chest rose visibly during the inhale.  After a pause Kristy exhaled a long cone of smoke.  She had taken such a huge first drag she could not even empty her lungs with the long jetting exhale.  A residual stream trickled from her nose on successive breaths as she sat contentedly.

Kim could not believe how fast her daughter had taken to smoking.  Kim remembered all of her friends smoking around the same age as Kristy, but she could not recall any of them smoking with the fervor her daughter showed.  She was a beautiful young smoker with the style and elegance of someone easily double her age.

The two enjoyed their smoking foray and headed back to the hotel to get ready for Kristy's afternoon game.  Upon entering the lobby Coach Rebecca was waiting.  The coach had a plan.  She waved and headed straight to the elevators joining with Kim and the young soccer player.

"Getting ready for this afternoon?" The coach asked.

"Yepp! Ready to go get another win."  Kristy answered.

As the elevator door opened the coach made sure to stand in between the mother and daughter.  She wanted to isolate Kristy and see if she could identify the smell again.  As they started up Rebecca leaned over towards Kristy.

"You sure played a good game this morning." Coach said as she leaned close to the girl and gave her a pat on the back.  Coaches sense of smell was in full effect and sure enough the smell of smoke coming from the 15 year old was quite obvious.

The elevator door opened with Kim and Kristy exiting.  "See you in awhile coach!" Kristy exclaimed as she hopped down the hallway.  The coach just stood there almost in disbelief.  It was pretty obvious her young soccer star was smoking!  Rebecca had no idea where to take this.  Was it even any if her business.  It was clear Kristy had her moms blessing as the two had just been off smoking together.


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