Monday, June 22, 2015

Summertime Summertime!

Summertime is upon us!  And with it comes the improved chances of seeing a beautiful woman outside enjoying her smoking.  In celebration I thought we would throw out a few good smoking candids enjoying the nice summer weather.

How about a few more?

How about we close it out with some brand new Emma Roberts smoking pictures.  She was caught enjoying a cigarette in New Orleans last week.  Here are three of my favorites from the selection.

See more Emma Roberts smoking here


  1. Bro, these are good. But please get back to the story!

  2. I agree with Brad. Can't wait to read more of the story.

  3. Again, I am very surprised at how many of you good gents want that story over awesome candid pictures of real girls loving the bedazzles out of their cigarettes! :)
    I mean no offense by that, but gosh, guys ... cute as the story is, there are plenty of other, truly outstanding smoking fetish stories out there. The Pam and Julie ones are must reads if teenagers are your thing.

  4. Why the surprise? Most of the photos here are rehashed from before. They're reposts here, and anyone looking for these things has seen them before. Even Emma Roberts is an anemic looking girl. She doesn't look particularly healthy, and one wonders if she isn't addicted to substances more harmful than nicotine. If anything, see ing photos of real girls smoking can lead to disillusionment with having this ridiculous fetish, and maybe asking ourselves why me must be obsessed with this silly shit.

    On the other hand, the story is harmless fantasy. It's cheesy and in no way connected with the real world, but maybe to a fantasy world where the person with the fetish doesn't have to feel any guilt about photos taken by creepy photographers violating girls' privacy.

    So give those asking for the story a break...

  5. I wasn't trying to bust anybody's chops (don't think I did, really, for that matter), but I do see your point. I also overlooked the fact that there have only been two Kristy stories since November (!). Small wonder indeed it's fans want more. My only sentiment is that I prefer the candid pics. Apologies if I gave offense :(

  6. Argh... meant its, not it's!

  7. I actually agree with the previous poster and I do not think posting pics of girls and or women smoking is at ALL impinging on privacy. If someone smokes in public it is hardly a private thing,,,the only way it could be considered invasion of privacy is if they were behind some big wall, on thier property an some jerk climbed the fence and snapped pictures galore.

    Hypotetical, how can someone come to this site and then crash the pics for being creepy?!?! I think it is WAY creepier to fantasise about underage girls smoking like real addicts but hey,, thats just me. If u think it is creepy, why r u even here, right?

  8. Why is the 3rd pic down on here?? How is she smoking??