Saturday, April 25, 2015

Some more beautiful College Girls Smoking

Well it has been awhile since we did a set of our favorite candid...the college girl smoking.  My absolute favorite.  So without wasting any further time here we go:

There is just something about this next smoking girl!  If you have not seen the video you should track it down.

How about some more?

And to finish off the post of college girls smoking:

Hope you enjoyed!  Keep checking back for more great smoking pictures.

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  1. The blonde wearing the Salty shirt is simply divine. I'd literally pay to see more pics of her! And the lovely in the hat dangling ... wow. She's beautiful, too!

  2. Good stuff. Please post more regularly. And ASAP, continue the story of Kristy!!

  3. Brad,

    Truly, no offense intended, but I would take a handful of candids on a par with the "Salty" shirt-wearing beauty -- and I do reckon she IS the epitome of a college-aged smoking beauty -- over a hundred of the best-written stories, even those supposedly grounded in reality.