Monday, April 13, 2015

Kristy and the Barnett Family - Tulsa Soccer Tournament Part 1

Kristy as having a hard time keeping her smoking behind closed doors.  She absolutely loved her Marlboro Light 100s and with the freedom to smoke at home the youngster was smoking just under half pack a day.  Her mother Kim was not at all concerned as she had started at the same age and thoroughly enjoyed smoking.  It was nice having her youngest daughter come home for school, sit down at the kitchen table and smoke a cigarette while chatting about her day.  The two were definitely bonding and had grown closer than ever over the last few months.

Kristy's select soccer team had a big college showcase tournament coming up the next weekend.  The team would be traveling from Dallas to Tulsa for games and staying three nights at a big hotel.  It was big fun that all the girls on the team were looking forward to.  Despite the team being all freshman, their coach Rebecca felt they could use the experience to prepare them for later on.  Rebecca had coached the girls for two years now and the group had taken to her.  She had played college soccer at the University of Texas and with all the girls harboring college soccer aspirations Becca earned instant respect despite the fact she was only 25 years old.

Rebecca had noticed some slight differences in Kristy the last couple of months.  She noticed the youngster leaving practice almost immediately after it was over.  In the past Kristy used to hang around and talk with her teammates mulling around fifteen minutes each night.  Now she grabbed her gear and raced straight to her mothers SUV.  Becca hoped nothing was wrong and that Kristy was still loving her soccer.

The truth was that Kristy was craving a cigarette and rather than goof around after practice with the soccer girls, she much preferred heading home and having a smoke in her room where she usually had three before bed.

The night before heading to Tulsa Kristy went down to the kitchen for a drink. Kim was sitting at the table of course smoking a cigarette.  "Join me honey?" Kim asked.

"Sure, mom."   Kristy plopped herself down reached over and grabbed her mom's pack.  Before lighting her own Kristy stared as Kim took a drag.  Even after several months Kristy still could not inhale like her attractive mother. Kim would inhale so deeply holding the smoke in her lungs several seconds each time before exhaling.  Try as she might the youngster just could not hold the smoke as long as Kim before having to exhale.

As Kim exhaled a long stream she watched as her fifteen year old’s cheeks caved as she dragged hard on her freshly lit cigarette.  It still amazed her how much smoke the youngster could pull with each and every puff.  Kristy exhaled more smoke at a younger age than anyone Kim had known.

"You need to get your stuff packed tonight you know.  We are leaving for Tulsa right after school tomorrow. "

"I know mom.  I already have my bag out and am getting it ready."

"OK love.  It should be a fun weekend! I‘m looking forward to it"

Kristy nodded as she hopped up from the table and headed for her room.

The next day they were off to Tulsa.  Being the typical teenager, Kristy slept most of the five hour drive.  As the two arrived at the hotel, Kim rustled Kristy from her long nap.

"Wake up honey.  We're at the hotel." Kim said as her daughter started to rustle.  Kristy popped right up excited to check out the hotel and to see which of her teammates had already checked in.  Sure enough a few of her fellow soccer players were in the lobby.  Kim was nice enough to take her daughter's bag up to the room after checking in leaving Kristy to hang out downstairs and start a fun weekend.  Coach Rebecca walked in and said hi to all the girls before heading up herself to get settled in.

Kristy also decided to go up and check out the room for the weekend.  Kim had handed her a room card earlier so she went right in.  Kim was sitting on the bed watching television as Kristy surveyed the double room.  As she stood there Kristy got the craving for a cigarette. It had been hours since her last as she slept most of the drive.  This would be a problem though.  Of course the hotel was no smoking and she figured her mom would want her to keep it behind closed doors this weekend for sure.

Kristy wanted to smoke though and was determined to find a way.  She grabbed her bag and threw it on the other side of the bed away from Kim.  Kneeling down she pulled her pack out and slipped it into her jacket pocket along with her favorite pink lighter.  Mission accomplished as she was sure Kim hadn't noticed at all.  Kristy headed for the door. "Be back in a while mom. Going to hang out with the girls."

"OK honey.  I'll be here." Kim replied as her daughter left the room.

Kristy paused before getting on the elevator.  "Now just how am I going to do this without anyone seeing?" she thought to herself.  Luckily it was a pretty good sized hotel so Kristy slipped out a back door and decided to survey the grounds for a sneaky place.  Sure enough there was no activity at all in the back of the hotel.  There looked to be plenty of parking in the front so it seemed nobody came back there very often.  She even found a nice place where the wall curved that gave her a bit more privacy.

It was time to smoke.  Kristy was itching for her first cigarette in like six hours. Her lungs were craving the sweet taste of smoke.  One last quick glance confirmed nobody was around so Kristy extracted a cigarette and put it between her lips as she grabbed her pink lighter.  If anyone had come around I am sure they never would have believed their eyes.  A beautiful young 15 year old soccer player with a long all white cigarette in her lips, lighter raised.

Kristy savored the smoke as she took a huge first draw....even larger than usual.  She inhaled and felt the jolt as the smoke slid down her windpipe and into her lungs.  It was something she had come to enjoy so much.  Pausing to hold the smoke inside she glanced around again and then let loose a huge exhale.  The feeling was one of pure bliss.  Each drag her cheeks caved as the soccer player pulled as much smoke as she could into her waiting lungs.  Kristy proceeded to finish her cigarette enjoying every single drag.  It seemed she had found a good place as it was quiet and secluded from the main area of the hotel.

With her cigarettes and lighter secured in her pocket Kristy was ready t head back inside.  Uh oh.  It seems she left the room card upstairs.  She would have to go back around and through the lobby area.  "No big deal" she thought to herself and she set out.

Kristy went around front and made her way inside to the elevators.  Standing there already waiting was Coach Becca the 25 year old soccer trainer for Kristy's team.

"Hey Kristy!" Rebecca stated as she saw her young winger walk up.

"Hi coach."

"What are you up to?" Becca asked as the two stepped onto the elevator.

"Oh nothing much.  Just heading up to my room."

"What floor are you on?" the young blonde asked Kristy.   Hmmm.  Amy seemed to have caught a whiff of something. It smelled like cigarette smoke.

"We are on the 7th floor.  Where are you?" the 15 yr old replied.

Rebecca nodded as she honed her senses to focus on the smell.  Sure enough it was cigarette smoke.  She knew it well as she grew up in a smoking household.

"Surely not" Rebecca thought to herself.  As the doors opened she stepped closer to Amy and offered a high five before leaving.  Most definitely Kristy smelled of cigarette smoke.  "There's no way Kristy is smoking" Rebecca pondered.

As the coach walked to her room she decided to watch a little closer this weekend and see just what her start winger was up to.


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