Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nina Dobrev is one Beautiful Smoker!

The beautiful Nina Dobrev.  Featured in Seventeen Magazine. Appearing in movies The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Let's Be Cops. Starring in The Vampire Diaries.  Nina Dobrev is hot.

My goodness is she hot!

She also has a bit of a dark side to her me thinks.  Nina Dobrev smokes.  She has been photographed time and time again.  The beauty is obviously not shy about her smoking at all.

Hopefully one day we will get to see Nina Dobrev smoking onscreen in a movie or possibly via a candid video of some sorts.  I would love to see an exhale from the beauty!

So keep an eye out for Nina Dobrev smoking in the future.  I sure know I will!  It looks like she will havew a film coming out soon entitled Final Girls.  No release date as of yet.


  1. Very Nice


  2. Please more of the kristy story! I need it!

    1. I certainly second the motion. I love those stories!

  3. Me too! More of the Kristy story! Please?