Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday's set of college girls smoking!

Time for another post of some great smoking candids!  Let's get back to what I would have to say is my favorite topic.  College girls smoking.

How's that for a start?  A wonderful exhale from a college smoking beauty.  Let's go get some more shall we?

Here's a pair of the same girl.  Mid-inhale and then a nice exhale.

Good ones there!  Let's finish up for today.  Check out the nose residual in the first one!


  1. Another very good selection.

  2. Didn't anyone notice that girl nr.2 has a bag FULL of cigarette packs?!?!

  3. Since college smoking girls is your favorite feature, maybe you could write a story where college girls start smoking. Just a thought.

  4. number 2 is SHANAE GRIMES...actress from remake of 90210 series

    1. For more of the same of Shanae Grimes...

  5. Audrey, in the black uniform, is so adorable (and hot)! What a sweet picture. I don't think she can stop smoking. It's love at first sight.