Saturday, January 10, 2015

Minka Kelly Smoking

I remember watching 500 Days of Summer and getting to the end where Joseph Gordon Levitt stumbles across a beauty at a job interview.  She was stunning and I was like "who the heck is she?".  Did a little quick research to find her name was Minka Kelly.  I told myself I would keep an eye out for her in the future.  Here she is as Autumn in 500 Days of Summer.

And who could forget her as a cheerleader in Friday Night Lights?

A real beauty eh? Minka Kelly has been bouncing around fringe movie roles and television roles for several years. I have kept my eye out and was quite happy to see that Minka Kelly smokes in her new movie The World Made Straight. Here are some shots from the movie:


  1. Yeah, just a film role though, doesn't mean anything... Real life's what we want.

  2. Minka Kelly Looks Good As A Smoker In The World Made Straight