Friday, November 21, 2014

Kristy & the Barnett Family Smoking Part 15

"Hey you!" Misty blurted out to Jessica as she approached outside the library. "I thought you had snuck off."

Jessica wasn't sure what to do.  She was completely busted.  None of her friends knew she smoked and she especially didn't want any of the girls on the swim team knowing.  It was too late now though.  Despite quickly dropping her cigarette, Jessica was going to be forced to explain.

After a brief silence Misty spoke up "I had no idea you smoked.  When did this come about?" she questioned her friend.

Jessica wasn't sure what to say.  How would Misty take it.  Would she run and tell everyone making Jess an outcast on the swim team?  Jess decided to play it safe. "Not long. I am just kind of experimenting I guess you would say."

Misty nodded and stared.  "From what I saw you didn't look like it was your first! She said as she chuckled.  "Remember, my mom smoked until a couple years ago."

Jessica remembered.  "Oh yeah. I almost forgot your mom used to smoke."

"So what do you think about it?" Misty questioned.  

"It's ok I guess.  Like I said I am just kinda experimenting you would say."

Misty nodded. "Well your secret is safe with me. Let's get back inside before Amy thinks we left her!"

The two girls headed back inside to finish up their studying.  Back at the table both Jessica and Misty were a bit uneasy.  Jessica hoped she could trust her friends word that she would it say anything to anyone about catching Jess smoking.

Misty, on the other hand, was still digesting the surprise.  She had not really thought about smoking since her mom had quit two years ago.  Nobody in her immediate group of friends or family smoked so it was a kind of out of sight out of mind situation.

After about fifteen more minutes the three girls decided it was time to head home.  They said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.  On her way home though, Misty's mind wandered back to what she had discovered about her friend Jessica.  She shouldn't be surprised she figured since Jessica's mom smoked.

When Jessica arrived home she went upstairs to her room.  She knocked on her little sister's door first though.  "Come in" she heard.

Jessica slowly opened the door and peaked inside.  "Hey sis. Whatcha doing?"

Kristy was lying other bed with her cellphone sending text after text to her friends.  "Just goofing around. What's up?"

Jess walked over to the big window in Kristy's room and opened it before pulling out a fresh cigarette.  As Jessica lit up, Kristy hopped off the bed to grab her own Marlboro Light and join her big sister.

After  exhaling Jessica said "Well at the library tonight i slipped outside and around the corner to have a quick smoke break when Misty found me.  I dropped my cig really fast but it was too late. "

"Yikes!  Are you worried she is going to tell your swim coach?" Kristy replied as she brought her cigarette to her lips for a protracted drag.

"I sure hope not.  I'd be dead for sure if she did!  She said she wouldn't tell anyone, but I am still a little scared."

Kristy paused to finish her exhale before replying.  "Yepp you would be kicked off the team for sure I bet!" as residual smoke trickled out with every word.

Jessica nodded and took a drag of her own pondering the consequences.

The next day Misty woke up early.  She was always an early riser it seemed.  Harding downstairs Misty found her mom Teri sitting at the kitchen table. "Morning honey.  Let me get you some cereal." 

As Misty sat down, Teri went to the counter to get a bowl and some cereal for her daughter.  Lastly she got the milk from the fridge and sat back down at the table as her daughter poured a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

Teri perused the newspaper while Misty ate quietly.  Her mind was turning though.  Jessica's smoking was still fresh in her mind from the night before.  Mist and her mom were always close and she knew she could always talk to her mom about anything so she decided to open up.

"Mom.  How long did you smoke for?" Misty asked.

Teri was left off balance by the random question from her daughter.  Setting down the paper she looked over at her daughter before answering.  Misty did not raise her head from her cereal to meet the gaze of her mother.

"Well. A long time I guess you could say.  From like just before college until a few years ago." Why do you ask?

"I dunno.  We were at the library last night and I went outside and saw one of my friends smoking a cigarette.  I was just surprised I guess.  Did you like smoking Mom?"

Memories began to trickle back into Teri's head.  Yes she quite liked smoking a lot, but she was not sure she should tell her impressionable daughter that at all.  "Let me just say it had its moments honey."

"There must have been something to it if you smoked that long Mom.  Nobody does something for fifteen years that they don't like right?" Misty questioned?

Teri had always tried to be honest with Misty, but she hesitated on this topic.  "I guess you are right.  I must admit I enjoyed it and it was very difficult to quit."

Misty responded, "So, do you miss smoking?"

Truthfully, Teri did not think about smoking on too,often anymore.  She did for the first year or so after quitting, but time had passed and she was nit surrounded by smokers at her office.When someone around her lit up she "Ummmm i used to I must admit, but not so much lately."

The conversation stalled as Misty went to finishing her bowl of cereal.  After a couple of quiet minutes the curiosity got to Teri.  "Have you ever smoked honey?"

Misty looked up from her breakfast.  "Nope Mom.  Sure haven't." She took the last scoop from the bowl and sat her spoon on the table.

"Are you thinking about trying it?"

Misty stopped and thought before answering.  She knew she could always shoot straight.  "Well maybe I guess.  Would you be mad if I tried it?"

Teri responded, "No. Not really. I think pretty much everyone tries it a some point around your age."

Silence ensued as Misty took her bowl and placed it in the sink before sitting back down at the table.  "Since you said you wouldn't be mad, i think I would like to try it sometime."

"Do you want to try it with your friends?"

"Not really.  I think I kinda want to do it on my own ya know.  I don't want to cough and look stupid ya know."

Teri chuckled and nodded.  "Well be responsible about it.  All i can tell you is that is terribly difficult to stop once you start."

To tell the truth, Teri was kinda excited by the whole deal.  It reminded her of her high school and college days smoking with her friends and her daughter Misty was her very best friend as well as her beautiful daughter.

Misty bounced off to her room leaving Teri to contemplate the surprising conversation.  After a moment in thought, she hopped up to finish the dishes.

The next day was Friday and Teri always got off work early on Friday's a nice perk for working in the investment field.  Her boss always let the entire office go home early on Fridays once the stock exchanges closed.  As Teri was driving home her thoughts returned to the exchange she had with Misty the previous evening.  Teri had not really given much of a thought about smoking, but as she approached her has station she got an idea.

"Well if Misty is dead set on trying it, I would rather it be around me and not off sneaking around somewhere."

Teri  pulled into the parking lot and went inside.  Approaching the counter she asked for her old brand.  A pack of Virginia Slims 100s please.  Teri began smoking VS her freshman year of college.  They seemed to be the cigarette of choice for the sorority Teri pledged, so she fell in line I guess to could say.  Almost fifteen years she had smoked them before quitting three years ago.

After paying, Misty's mom hopped back into her car and stared at her surprising purchase.  She couldn't believe what she was planning, but Teri was always trusting of Misty and they had an honest relationship.  She aimed to keep it that way. 

 Before putting the pack in the console Teri read the label once again.  Virginia Slim 100s she whispered.  The memories began to come back.  A craving came back and before she knew it Teri had unwrapped the cellophane and had the pack open.   The smell of the fresh cigarettes was so enticing.

"What the heck am I doing?  I quit years ago"

But she was past the point of no return and within moments a fresh cigarette was between her lips and the car lighter was pushed.  "I don't think just one will hurt anything" Teri thought to herself.

Just then the lighter popped and was ready.  Slowly Teri raised the lighter to the waiting Virginia Slim and the taste of smoke entered her mouth as she drew slowly.  Removing the cigarette from her lips Teri inhaled expectantly. The smoke hit her chest and it was like yesterday all over again.  The former smoker relished the feeling her lungs, letting the smoke permeate before releasing her exhale.

"Ohhhhhhh I have missed this.  Now just why did I quit again?"


  1. This was worth waiting for. Look forward to reading about Misty's first cigarette.
    Will Amy start smoking? Will Kristy introduce her habit to anymore of her friends?
    I hope I don't have to wait four months to find out.

  2. Please, more Terri!!