Sunday, September 7, 2014

Teen Mom Maci Bookout smoking pictures

Who could forget Teen Mom on MTV.  A train wreck of a reality show with some teens that had some clear issues in their life.  From crazy moms.  To loser boyfriends.  Not to mention being pregnant at 16 years of age.  There was however some hotties sprinkled through the show.  One of which was Maci Bookout.

She had a loser of a baby daddy for sure, but she was easy on the eyes as well.  Of course I always wondered which of the girls smoked.  If any of them.  I always kept an eye out.  Turns out Maci is a smoker.  She was never shown on the actual original show Teen Mom, however I did see her smoking a few times on a later version of the show.  Here are a few Maci Bookout smoking pictures.

Hopefully more pictures will surface in the near future!

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