Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kristy & The Barnett Family Smoking Part 14

As the Barnett family headed home from their grandmother's both Kristy and her big sister Jessica were sitting contented in the back seat.  Neither spoke at all, but the had that newfound confidence one gets when they get approval from their loved ones.

The girls had both smoked at a family function openly for the very first time.  Nobody seemed to mind at all and the girls were confident that they would be allowed to enjoy their smoking more freely in the future.  Nothing is more exciting for a teenager than freedom and the sisters felt like they were granted a major freedom today.

As the Barnett's were heading home, Kristy's best friend Devin was home from church.  Sunday afternoons were the time when she cleaned her room.  Every weekend like clockwork.  Chores were to be done or her parents would come down on her hard.

As Devin was getting her clothes ready for the wash she remembered the two cigarettes she had stashed in her dresser.  She knew what she had decided to do.  She had made up her mind to throw them out, but there was a twinkle in the back of her mind.  Opening up her bottom drawer and brushing aside a few perfectly older t-shirts revealed the two Marlboro's.  There they sat just calling.  Devin knew better, but the pull was just too much.

"I can't" the teen thought to herself. "I am a soccer player!  Mom will kill me!" Devin closed the drawer, but it wasn't a few minutes later that they pulled her in again.

"Ok how do I do is?  Mom & dad are right downstairs". Then it came to her.  The supermarket is only three blocks down.

"Dad" she called downstairs. "I am out of shampoo.  Can I walk to the market and get some please?"

"Sure. Come down and I will give you a few dollars." He answered.

Devin grabbed her purse and carefully placed the two cigarettes inside before heading downstairs.  Racing into the kitchen she grabbed the ten dollar bill from her father.  "Be back in awhile" and zoom out the door she went.

Meanwhile, Jessica was getting ready for her Sunday night study group.  Two of her fellow swim team members met every Sunday night at seven to work on their calculus.  It was by far their hardest class and they had agreed to help each other out so none of them failed!  Since she had a couple of hours before Jess decided a shower was in order.

The oldest Barnett daughter got cleaned up and ready to go to meet Amy and Misty at the library.  Grabbing her calculus book Jessica walked downstairs.  "Mom, I'm off to study with Amy and Misty.  Be back at 9."

Kim answered "Sure honey see you later tonight.  I'll have you a plate waiting."

Jessica headed outside and hopped in her car.  Before she had even settled in Jess had her cigarettes out.  Turning the ignition she started the car and got the air conditioner going. Summertime in Texas gets a bit hot you see.  Only seconds later she had a fresh cig in her mouth and her lighter ignited.

Touching the flame to the end of her cigarette the senior took a generous first drag.  Savoring the minty mentholated smoke as it slid down her wind-pipe and into her waiting lungs. She cracked the window before exhaling and backing out of the driveway.  How she was learning to love her Benson & Hedges.  The senior still made sure to hold her cigarette low to not make it so obvious she was smoking, but Jess was quickly learning how much a cigarette went with a drive.

Devin made quick work of the three blocks to the supermarket.  She needed a lighter you see.  After making the purchase she headed towards home, but instead of making her journey complete Devin turned down the path to the small creek that ran through her neighborhood.  She knew she would have the privacy she needed.

Surveying the area to make sure it was clear, Devin took a seat on a log extracting one of the cigarettes Kristy had given her.  She was still very nervous.  This would only be her third time to smoke.  The other night with her best friend she had learned to inhale.  The sensation was fascinating.  Devin really had no plans to smoke at all, but the feeling of the smoke hitting her lungs  made her want to experience it again.

Placing the cigarette between her lips Devin tentatively lit up.  Tasting the smoke in her mouth she blew it back out.  Her mouth watered as she readied for her first inhale.  Glancing behind to make sure nobody around Devin brought the cigarette to her mouth wrapping her lips around the filter drawing slowly.

Taking a small drag Devin then inhaled, pulling the smoke down into her chest.  What a sensation.  As she exhaled she knew why she didn't throw the two cigarettes away.  She was glad she didn't!  Raising the Marlboro once again she took a slightly larger drag and breathed in.  The smoke swirled in her lungs briefly before Devin let loose a decent stream of smoke.  Still not sure of the smell of the smoke, what she did know was that she liked the feeling when inhaling.  The youngster smoked most of the cigarette before heading home.

At the library Jessica was at a corner table with Misty and Amy pretending to study calculus.  Of course there was a bit of studying going on, but they were boy watching just as much as studying!  After an hour had passed Jessica's mind began to wander.  She was itching for a smoke.  Speaking up she said to her friends "I need to run out to the car for a minute.  Be right back?"

Amy and Misty thought nothing of it and just nodded as Jessica hopped up and headed for the door.  Instead of the parking lot Jess went around the side of the building and pulled her pack of cigarettes from her purse. She had plenty of privacy as this side of the library was away from the street and parking lot.

Jessica quickly lit up her menthol savoring the wonderful taste as she inhaled and exhaled a nice stream of smoke into the evening air.   Time seemed to stand still as Jessica enjoyed her sneaky cigarette break.  Inside, her friend Misty was starting to wonder what happened to her friend.  After another minute or so she decided to go see what Jess was up to.

Misty walked to the parking lot and didn't find Jessica anywhere.  "Hmmm. Where is she?" Misty thought as she followed the path around the library.  As she turned the corner there was Jessica standing alone at the side of the building.  "What is she doing?" Misty questioned.

"Is that a cigarette in her hand?" Misty thought to herself.  Jessica hadn't seen her yet as Misty stood there thirty yards away watching.  Jessica raised the cigarette to her lips taking an extended drag before releasing a long jet of smoke into the air.

"Wow Jessica is smoking!  What the heck!?" thought Misty as she began walking towards her swimmer friend.


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  8. sorry Dude. i am in means a writer in any way. i write when i get the urge and only then and truthfully comments like yours give no reason to go through the time and effort.

  9. just kinda hard to stay into the story when it only shows up every 2-3 months. Not trying to make you mad, just looking for more updates. Sorry!