Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day with a few candids and a Mother/Daughter

Happy Independence Day.  I hope everyone has/had a great 4th of July and enjoyed family, friends and fireworks!  We thought we would celebrate the day with a new post for everyone.  First we have some smoking candids for you.

Now we will finish up with a wonderful mother and daughter sequence from a long ago video.  This one is a bit up to your imagination, but as you can see the cigarettes are present.  The teen daughter is just about as cute as it gets!

I have a short video of the mother smoking with the daughter watching intently.  The ending shows the daughter with the unlit cigarette in her mouth.  Anyone have anything more from this video they would be willing to give info about or share?


  1. Nice candids and nice choice of video screen-shots!
    I have to tell you that the teen girl never smokes in the video (yes I have it in its complete version). It's only the mum who smokes...but we all can try to imagine how hot the daughter would have been...!

  2. Thanks for the comment. If I remember right the original video ends "to be continued" but I do not ever remember anything with them coming out afterwards.

  3. The series was produced years ago by an Australian site called I think "Model House", unfortunately I've never been able to fine the rest of the video.

  4. Can you share with us this short video (or the pic of the girl with the cig in her mouth)?