Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Caught in the Act Part 2

A few months back I did a post about getting Caught in the Act.  Busted staring at the beautiful girl as she smokes.  It happens time and again to all of us I am sure.

A commenter made an interesting observation on the first post.  Do the girls make the connection?  Do they understand we are not just staring at them?  That we are mesmerized not only by their beauty but also by their smoking?

Personally, I like to think they do have a bit of an idea.....


  1. In response to your question, in my experience most girls have no clue that men can find their smoking attractive. If they were aware, many women could improve their style significantly and come across as much more attractive. Instead they are oblivious and overlook an aspect that would be very easy to fix.

  2. I have to half-agree with the previous commenter... Most women do not know that men can find their smoking attractive, because most men *do not*. Further, if they did figure out why you were looking at them they'd be likely to find it bizarre. They would not want to "improve their style" and you can be sure they would find the previous comment downright creepy.

    When I was younger and worked in a place where many people took smoke breaks, I did the logical thing and befriended them... as in go up to them and talk to them. Not stare at them like a damn pervert, and take photos.

    I still find myself looking at these sorts of sites, somewhat obsessively, but always with a feeling of guilt. I hoped that others might feel the same way, then I see comments like the previous one, which could cause women to paint us all with the same creepy pervert brush.