Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two Beauties Sharing a Cigarette in the Park

Two beautiful young women sharing a cigarette in the park.  Five pictures that are so good.  Early afternoon the two find a park bench and share a smoke after lunch.  A beautiful blonde and a very innocent looking brunette.  The blonde lights up.

Check out that first picture where the brunette is speaking while watching that first exhale from her blonde friend.  After one more drag from the blonde it is obvious the brunette is wanting some of her own!

As the blonde passes the cigarette to her friend, have a look at the brunette checking out her friends wonderful exhale.  Almost in awe!  And now it is her turn.

If we were only lucky enough to have more of the brunette.  I am sure her drag was long and hard with a spectacular exhale.  Judging from how she watched her friend smoke she understands the style of smoking and most definitely would have had a very long cone exhale that would go on forever!


  1. Magnificent!
    What a stellar set of pictures! Where did you find them? Did you take them yourself?

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