Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kristy & the Barnett Family Part 13

Welcome to the long awaited part 13!

Devin arrived home from the party in a very nervous mood.  She had her gum and also had applied a few nice shots of perfume before going inside, but still she feared her nosy parents smelling the cigarette smoke on her.  Devin had made curfew easily with 20 minutes to spare.  In fact, she always made curfew.  She was the family jewel. 

Only child.  Strictly brought up to make perfect grades and do great on the soccer field or anything else she chose to do. Her parents expected perfection.

As Devin headed upstairs to her room her fear subsided.  She was home free, but that didn’t take away her conflict.  Smoking would not be allowed at all by her uber-strict parents.  The problem was Devin was smitten by it.  Everytime she had inhaled earlier that night she was more taken to it.  The tingle in her chest was like nothing she had experienced before.

The next morning was Sunday.  Church day for Devin and her parents.  Before heading out the door though her cell phone rang.  Looking down she saw it was Kristy.  “Hey girl, what’s up?”

“Nothin much.  Just finished breakfast.  What do ya have planned for today?” Kristy asked.

“Well church and then I think my parents are expecting me to stay home.  Kinda family time I guess.”

“Oh ok said a disappointed Kristy.  “I was going to ask you over to join me for a cig.”

“I can’t, sorry. And I’m not too sure about smoking Kristy.  I mean I think I kinda like it, but my parents would flat out murder me ya know?”

“Yeah I hear ya.  Call me tonight then ok?”

“Sure, see ya.” Devin hung up and ran down to join her parents for church.

Kristy lit up her first cigarette of the day inhaling deeply as always.  Oh how she loved the feeling as she held the smoke deep inside before exhaling across her bedroom.  The 8th grader was infatuated by her exhales.  Watching the long stream of smoke escape from her lips and jet outwards before swirling upwards towards the ceiling.  It was hypnotic and she never tired of watching it time after time.

Just then Kristy heard her mom from downstairs, “Kristy.  Jessica.  We are heading over to Nanny’s house for lunch.  Y’all get ready, we are leaving in thirty minutes.”

Kristy wasn’t thrilled with the news.  She would rather laze around the house on her Sunday, but she knew she had no choice in the matter.  Jessica jumped in the shower real fast while Kristy started deciding what to wear.

Meanwhile, Devin was sitting in church with her parents listening to another sermon.  Her mind wandered though.  She wondered if she should smoke again.  It was a real struggle.  Her parents were so strict and Devin had been brought up with right and wrong drilled into her head time after time.  She still had two cigarettes left from the night before hidden in her room, but she was not so sure she wouldn’t just flush them down the toilet when she got home. 

Devin had to admit that the few cigarettes she had smoked were not bad at all.  There is where the conflict was tearing at her.  She had learned to inhale and the feeling was fascinating, but she knew what she should do.  Sitting next to her parents in the pew she made up her mind she would not smoke anymore and get rid of the two waiting cigarettes back at home.  Devin was going to remain a good girl.

 Across town the Barnett family were arriving at the girl’s grandmother’s house for a Sunday brunch.  They did this about once every six weeks so it was no big deal.  The girl of course would rather be doing their own thing on a lazy Sunday, but they did enjoy getting together at Granny’s every once in awhile.

As always, lunch was ready and waiting when they arrived.  Suzi loved her family Sundays!  The group entered to big hugs from Suzi and headed to the table to enjoy a great home-cooked meal.  Her pot roast was simply to die for.

The group chatted through the meal.  The usual stuff.  A little school, a little sports and family stuff.  Same old. Same old.  After finishing Suzi and Kim cleared the table while John and the two girls sat happily at the table content with the wonderful meal.

The Suzi and her daughter soon returned both carrying their packs of cigarettes.  Suzi had her Benson & Hedges 100s while Kim carried her Marlboro Light 100s.  Sitting down it was only seconds before both were readying themselves for an after meal cigarette.

Both Kristy and Jessica watched longingly as first Suzi lit a B&H and then Kim lit her long all white.  They almost exhaled simultaneously from opposite sides of the table.  The two elder Barnett women smoking with class and style.  Exhales flowing luxuriously.  The five sat in silence as Kim and her mother enjoyed their cigarettes.  The looks of Kim and Jessica were quite obvious, but neither had the guts to ask for a cigarette of their own.  Instead the awkward silence remained as Kim took another prolonged draw on her 100 before inhaling to her toes.  The two youngsters were fidgeting for everyone to see.

Finally Kim glanced at Suzi who gave a slight nod her way.  Both women reached over to their packs that were still sitting on the table and slid them towards the two high schoolers.  Kim pushed her pack towards Kristy while Suzi placed her menthols directly in front of Jessica.

Enjoy Hollywood's New Generation of Young Smokers

The girls faces lit up as they looked at their prize.  Kim spoke up “Go ahead girls.  We know you are dying for a cigarette.”

Neither Kristy nor Jess said a word as they quickly grabbed the waiting packs.  No words were needed as their excitement showed.  Kristy was the first to light up her Marlboro Light 100.  She mimicked her mother Kim almost to a tee.  A deep inhale followed by a lovely exhale.

Jessica followed shortly behind.  She didn’t take as large of a drag as Kim or Kristy, but her style was developing for sure.  Her drags and inhales were about like most regular smokers, but she had started cutting her exhales a bit short leaving a residual for a couple of breaths afterwards.  Just a small trickle of smoke escaping from her nostrils for a couple of breaths each time.

John watched all four of the women in his life sitting together.  Laughing, chatting and smoking with such beautiful styles.  All was right with the world.

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  5. Even though I'm a non-smoker, I have to say I enjoyed this saga. Perhaps you could write a story about how Rebecca and Tracey started smoking. Maybe you could write about Jessica and her swim team friends smoking, or have Kristy and some of her soccer friends smoke. Has Devin really decided not to smoke?

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