Sunday, March 30, 2014

SI swimsuit model and actress Kate Upton smoking

Two words.  Kate Upton. 

Simply magnificent she is.  Sports Illustrated swimsuit covergirl, Kate Upton is definitely one of our world's true beauties.

Her bikini pictures are flat out dangerous. I am sure she has caused a few heart attacks from staring at her magnificent body.  Last night I went to see Noah at the theatre and before the flick they showed the trailer for an upcoming movie entitled The Other Woman.  Just as I was ready to write it off as total crap out popped Kate Upton.  Goodness gracious!  Check out these two still shots from the movie:

Those pictures and the trailer are almost enough to make me go watch the bad movie all on their own.  Fellas, Kate Upton looks incredible in this flick!  So I did a little research on her and there are a few reports of Kate Upton smoking.  Heck yeah.

Maybe one day we will be treated to her smoking onscreen.  There is a video you can find on youtube that Kate Upton did for Vogue Italia that is about two minutes long and shows her numerous times with a cigarette.  Search for the video entitled Kate Upton Behind the Scenes for Vogue Italia.

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