Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lets celebrate Sunday with some smoking beauties

How about a small batch of some smoking beauties to celebrate Sunday and get you in the mood to start the new week?  I thought so too. I will let this cutie give you greetings from The Hollywood Smoker:

Now check out this cheekhollowing drag:

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Just look at the concentration as she closes her eyes and takes a monster drag.

Now check out this lovely girl.  I wish I could have found more than just the two I have of her.  In the first picture she has just finished her drag and has inhaled a nice chest full of smoke.  Then we get to see an exhale from her as she looks into the camera.  Great stuff for sure.

Finally, I saved my favorite for last.  There is just something about this girl.  Just graduated from high school.  Only Eighteen years old, but already a serious cigarette smoker.  She enjoys it so much that she retreats to the porch to enjoy a cigarette on her own while her older sister carries on a conversation in the background.  As she is caught by the camera smoking she clearly has the look of surprise, but also of leave me alone I have permission!

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