Sunday, March 2, 2014

How about some college girls smoking 120s?

Let us get back to my favorite topic. The college girls! In my opinion there is just not much sexier than the beautiful young coed in that 18-23 age range smoking.  We'll start it off with a hottie not smoking a 120, but she is definitely a Virginia Slims girl.  120s in her future?

But let us ramp it up a bit! How about the college girl smoking 120s? The super long and luxurious cigarette that tells us the young woman has a definite sense of style about her smoking. She is a bit of a tease for sure and she wants to make sure she looks good while she smokes!

Now the sightings and candids of college girls smoking 120s are not as numerous as they once were, they still happen. Some girls still get it and we dig it!

So enjoy these college beauties!

In fact this topic is so great there are going to be two parts to the college girls smoking 120s. So check back next week for part 2!


  1. That first picture is AMAZING!
    Slim cigarettes aren't really my thing, but nice post!

  2. I know right? It was just too great to not include!

  3. Love to see these beautiful young ladies embracing the grace and style of smoking. The right cig at the right time can really set the atmosphere. Much like the older days when women would use a cigarette as a fashion statement much like jewellery. Seemed as so this was becoming a lost art that these women are bringing back

  4. All beautiful pictures. Needing to find some VS 120s here. They are beautiful cigarettes.