Monday, March 24, 2014

Dorothy Hamill Olympic Champion and beautiful smoker

In honor of last month’s Winter Olympics I thought it would be fun to explore one of my favorite smoking Olympic athletes of the past. Now keep in mind this is not the most public of details as Olympic athletes will go to extreme measures to hide smoking from the public in almost every single case. But. There have been several confirmed smoking Olympic athletes in the past. To me there is none bigger than Dorothy Hamill. Gold medalist figure skater at the 1976 Winter Olympics and a confirmed smoker. One of Americas sweethearts of the late 1970s for sure.

Dorothy Hamill started smoking at a young age as evidenced from this interview with People Magazine in 1976 when she was 20 years old. "I need a cigarette.' Her best friend and personal secretary, Kim Danks, handed her one from a 120-millimeter pack as Dorothy admitted: 'I've been puffing these, maybe half a pack a day, since I was 15.", People Magazine, Nov. 22, 1976, page 520.

Within a year after winning her gold medal an AP Sports article was quoted as saying "the sweet young thing now smoking two packs of cigarettes a day."   Could you just picture a young Dorothy Hamill smoking a More 120?  That was reportedly her brand of choice.

Here is Dorothy today pictured with her daughter at her 21st birthday celebration. Like mother like daughter?


  1. I have always had a "thing" for Dorothy Hamill and when I read in that 1976 People Magazine article that she had started smoking at 15 and was smoking More 120s at the time, my head just about popped. I always read any article I could find about her and remember seeing that AP newspaper article at the time that claimed she was up to 2 packs a day. It was then that I pledged my undying devotion to her. :)

    She has not had an easy life, and made a bit of a public demonstration of quitting smoking in the '80s using the services of Pat Collins, who was somewhat famous for doing that at the time. But in the mid-90s she had another personal crisis following a divorce, suffered from a bout of depression, and started smoking again. I suspect she probably is quit now, but part of me secretly hopes that she treats herself to a cigarette now and then. I only wish her every happiness and success. I think she deserves it.

  2. Thanks for the input! She is so irresistable it's amazing picturing what she must have looked like smoking. Wish a picture or two would turn up someday.

  3. Hope she gets emphysema, then lung cancer.