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Kristy & the Barnett Family Smoking Part 12

The two girls slept in the next morning getting up around noon.  Devin decided she would go home for a few hours and be good and ready for the big party at Amy's that night.  Both girls were very excited for what promised to be the first big party of the new school year.

Try as hard as she might Devin's thoughts kept coming back to her experience at Kristy's from the night before.  She had actually smoked two cigarettes and the experience got better in her mind each time her thoughts turned.

She was willing to try it again for sure.  The biggest problem was going to be that nobody in her family smoked.  She would need to be very careful going forward or risk major troubles.

The two girls planned to meet at Kristy' and head over to Amy's around 8:00 that evening.  Devin made sure to throw a pack of gum and some perfume in her purse before leaving for Kristy's.

Meanwhile, Kristy was all dressed and ready to go.  She was out of cigarettes though as she had smoked her last earlier in the afternoon.  She knew her mother was downstairs so Kristy hopped up and went down.


"Yes honey.  What's up?" Kim asked.

"I am out of cigs.  Can I have a pack please?"

"Sure dear.  Let me grab you a pack." Kim said as she walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a pack of Marlboro Light 100s from the carton.  "So tell me, did Devin try it last night?"

Kristy knew her mom was not excited about Devin having her first smoking experience at their house, but she knew she did not need to lie.

Kristy nodded.

"Well what did she think about it?" Kim asked

Kristy replied, "Ummm she didn't cough or anything, but I am not sure how much she enjoyed it.  I got her to inhale, but she took really small puffs.  I'll ask her what she thought tonight."

Kim stated, "You know I am not excited about Devin smoking Kristy.  I would much prefer it if you kept the smoking to yourself and here at home.  Neither of Devin's parents smoke and if they find out it will not be pretty."

"I know mom.  I had to tell my best friend though.  I'll keep it more quiet from here on out.  I promise." Kristy said as she gave her mother a big hug.

She grabbed the fresh pack and ran upstairs.  Devin would be over in an hour and then it was off to the party.

Kristy decided to have a cigarette as she waited in her room for Devin.  She lit up and took a good sized drag, inhaling deeply before releasing a substantial cone exhale across her bed.  She was becoming a very accomplished young smoker.

She walked over to the mirror to get another look at her outfit for the party.  The smoke slowly rose form her cigarette as she stood and admired her outfit in the bedroom mirror.

She looked so confident with her cigarette.  She raised it up and held it next to her face as elegantly as possible.  Jus like the beautiful actresses in the movies like Emma Roberts and Scarlett Johannsen.

Kristy watched as she moved the cigarette slowly to her lips and took an extended drag.  A bit longer than usual.  After inhaling she exhaled a bit faster as she wanted to see the smoke from the exhale.  A thick cone of white smoke shot from her mouth and bounced off the mirror dispersing everywhere.

Kristy was clearly impressed.  But.  What about tonight?  Would she have the guts to actually smoke in public?  In front of some of her soccer friends?  Classmates?  Would anyone else at the party smoke too?

Just then she heard the doorbell ring.  It must be Devin!  Kristy put out her cigarette quickly and raced downstairs.  Luckily Amy only lived a few blocks over in their Southlake neighborhood so Kim decided the two girls could walk but they had to be home by 11:15pm.

The girls weren't happy with the curfew, but they didn't put up a big argument as they were excited to get over to Amy's.  Kristy had her cigarettes in her purse, but they were in a hurry to get to the party and she never even thought about a smoke.

Arriving at Amy's there were already almost twenty classmates there.  A few 8th graders, a few sophomores, but mostly all boys and girls from Kristy's freshman class.

The two girls surveyed the living room and decided to head out back to the big patio area and pool.  Amy had a very nice house.   Once outside Devin spotted a couple of the girls from the soccer team and walked over to say hi.

"Hey Mia.  What's going on?" Devin asked her friend.

"Hey Devin!" Mia said as she gave her fried a big hug before hugging Kristy too.  The four girls stood outside talking and surveying all the boys at the party.

After an hour Kristy noticed no one had been smoking.  Not one person.  Not too surprising for Southlake though.  Smoking was not overly prevalent in the upscale Texas town.

Finally about 10:00 Kristy got a whiff of cigarette smoke coming from farther in the backyard.  She excused herself from the group and set out around the swimming pool to find out where the smell was coming from.

There she saw a pair of sophomore girls hanging out with cigarettes in their hands.  Kristy knew the two girls names (Rebecca and Tracy) from school but had never really talked to them before.

Kristy waved and asked over.  "Rebecca and Tracy right?"

The two girls nodded.  "Freshman?" Tracy asked.


"You smoke?" Rebecca asked.

Kristy nodded and opened her purse.  "Nobody here knows though. Mind if I have one real fast with y'all?"

"Join us." came the reply as Rebecca took a drag off her Newport.

Kristy stepped around behind the girls so she was shielded from the rest of the party by the two girls and she quickly lit up.

Kristy let loose one of her now normal large exhales before returning the cigarette to her mouth for another extended drag.  She wanted to show the two older girls she was no beginner.  A little smoke slipped from her nose as she tore into a solid drag.

Rebecca and Tracy took notice.  " How long have you smoked?" Rebecca asked.

"A couple months I guess."

"We started this summer too." Tracy replied.

Kristy smiled and nodded observing Tracy take a drag of her cigarette.  Neither of the sophomores were nearly as polished smokers as Kristy.  They both inhaled, but their drags were maybe half of Kristy's at best.  Still it was nice to know a couple of other girls that smoked too.

The 9th grader smoked about half of her cigarette before crushing it out.  She didn't want to be away too long and arouse suspicion from her soccer friends.  Especially Mia.

As Kristy walked back over to her friends Mia asked "what were you doing over there?"

"Oh just talking with a couple of sophomores I know for a minute." Kristy replied.  She grabbed Devin's hand saying "Our curfew is getting close.  We have to head home."

The two girls didn't want to leave but Kristy did not want the wrath of her mother.  They said their goodbyes on the way out and out the front door the went for the three block walk home.

As they made a distance away down the street Devi spoke up "Say Kristy, did you bring your cigarettes?"

"Sure did!" Kristy exclaimed.  "You want to have one with me?"

Kristy reached into her purse and grabbed her pack.  Pulling two cigarettes out she handed one to Devin before looking around to make sure they had the entire street to themselves.

"Put it in your mouth. I'll light us up." Said Kristy as she proceeded to light her own cigarette before extending the flaming lighter towards the fresh cigarette waiting between Devin's lips.

Kristy continued to drag as she lit Devin's cigarette.  She watched as Devin took a very short puff before removing hers.

"You need to inhale Devin!" Kristy said giggling at her best friend.

"I know. I am just getting used to it. Quit staring at me!"

Kristy laughed and the two girls continued their walk.  Devin took several drags.  Never very large, but each one she inhaled.  She tried to watch as she exhaled, but there just was not alot smoke.  Devin knew she needed much more practice to get the real hang of it.  She was figuring out that smoking was not bad at all.  In fact, she thought she might just get used to it.

Before they reached Kristy's Devin spoke up, "Do you mind giving me a couple of cigs I can take so I can practice a little on my own?"

Kristy beamed.  She knew right then that her best friend was beginning to like it and that she would soon have a smoking buddy!

"Of course!  I'll just give you the rest of this pack." Kristy replied.  "Be careful and don't let your parents catch you though."

Devin nodded.  "That's the truth!"  As she took the pack and placed it in the hidden inside pocket of her purse.

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