Thursday, February 20, 2014

Four time Olympic Volleyball star Francesca Piccinini Smoking

I love smoking athletes.  They are so very rare to find and the subject is so taboo.  The conflict of a smoking athlete and how she must go to lengths to hide it from public view.  So here is a smoker you may have never heard of here in the United States but she is kind of a big deal in Europe and especially in her home country of Italy.  Her name is Francesca Piccinini.  Widely considered the best womens volleyball player in Italian history!

She has represented Italy four times (2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012) at the Summer Olympics. She was a member of the Women's National Team that won the gold medal at the 2002 World Championship in Germany. 

We all know how hot womens volleyball players are.  Italian National Team captain at the 2012 London Olympics, Francesca Piccinini is also a confirmed smoker.

Francesca Piccinini has been captured on several occasions enjoying a cigarette.  Check out this great set of candid Francesca Piccinini smoking pictures outside an airport.

How great were those candids?  Fresh off a plane.  Wearing the shirt of her professional volleyball club.  Enjoying a cigarette!  Here are two more of Francesca Piccinini relaxing at an outdoor cafe.


  1. She has a long, skinny face, and her body is the same... No figure at all. She's actually quite plain. Yeah, I have a smoking fetish, but show me some beautiful girls, not the ugly ones, OK?

    1. Long legs, blonde, European like this fine lady. I would inhale her exhale ANY day!

  2. she is definitely not ugly at all and the conflict of the Olympic athlete smoking is a definite turn on

  3. Jerome your comment is a bit rude and does not belong here. I appreciate every post on this blog, and if you do not like this one there are plenty more you are sure to enjoy! Please be kind to others within the community and always appreciate the work they do to provide us with this content.