Sunday, February 16, 2014

Caught in the Act!

So how many have been caught staring at a beautiful young smoker?  I would venture a guess that we all have at one point in time.  Most of us several times in fact haha!  Today's theme is something I call caught in the act.  Our beauty catches us mid-stare.

But little do they know we just cannot help it.  The attraction of a beautiful girl smoking a cigarette is captivating.

So how do you react in this situation?  Do you smile and grin?  Do you turn away quickly?  Truthfully, many girls find it cute that you are attracted to them.  And many more are proud smokers that do not mind at all.

So keep snapping those candids and enjoying our beauties smoking on the street!  Check out these two stewardesses smoking as they step out for a break.

Here is a link back to another one of our earlier posts with beautiful candid smoking girls!


  1. I don't think they normally actually make the connection that we are staring at them smoking, just that we are staring at them.

  2. Btw the third-last girl is absolutely stunning! Can you share the rest of the images of her? Or point to where you found them, please?

  3. sorry that is the only one i have of the girl you asked about.

  4. That first girl is heaven, do you have any more of her?

  5. It didn't take long for me to realize the guys where intrigued by my smoking, I always and still do catch men staring as I enjoy a smoke in public. very beautiful women here, always enjoy seeing people enjoying the privilege of smoking.