Sunday, January 26, 2014

Some more candid smoking pictures for you!

As we approach the end of Janauary, how about another set of some great candid smoking pictures?  I think yes!  We'll start with a couple of very nice open mouth inhales for your enjoyment.


Nice eh?  Here's one of my favorite subjects.  The smoking schoolgirl  complete in her school uniform.  It's obvious she has had a long day in class and has been waiting to get out and have a satisfying cigarette.

How about a pair of ladies enjoying a smoke at an outdoor cafe?  Not many better places for a sighting right?

We'll finish up with a pair of real beauties.  Even as she brings the cigarette to her mouth for a long drag it is hard to overlook those beautiful legs.

Finally a close-up for your enjoyment.

Hope you enjoyed and until next time!

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