Friday, December 6, 2013

Wedding Smoking - The Bride

One of my favorite subjects is smoking at a wedding.  The women are all dressed up and are about as beautiful as you will ever see them.  Stunning dresses.  Perfect makeup.  Perfect hair and ready for the special day.  I think we have all had some wonderful wedding sightings.  I know I sure have.  So I have planned two articles focusing on the wedding smoking.  The first is all about the bride enjoying a cigarette.

Sometimes the bride is forced to sneak away to enjoy her cigarette.  Maybe it is a bit taboo to be a smoker in her family?  Either way she will not be denied the enjoyment.

I'll leave you with a couple of my absolute favorites.  This beautiful smoking bride caught in the act and posing for the camera.  Not afraid at all to be photographed in the act.  Dragging hard.

Finally.  The beautiful smoking bride clearly annoyed to be bothered while she enjoys her cigarette.  Just look at those eyes!  All she wants to do is smoke her cigarette in peace!

Keep an eye out for a future wedding themed article that will focus on the wedding party with the bride and her bridesmaids smoking!


  1. Amazing. I wish more people smoked at weddings

  2. I think itspretty beauty to watch woman smoke esp marlboro light 100s pink nails at weddings

  3. I want to marry one of these women