Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wedding Smoking - The Bridal Party

So a couple of weeks ago I did a great pictorial which focused on the smoking bride.  Some wonderful pictures of the beautiful bride on her special day enjoying a cigarette.  We will continue on the wedding smoking theme, but this pictorial will focus on the wedding party!

Definitely some beauties in there!  Now that I have wetted your appetite a bit let's continue on. Shall we let loose with some exhales from the wedding party?  Sounds good to me!


Now just how great were those?  How about some elegance with the wedding party smoking outside the New York City Library?

Just loving that black and white picture!  How about some lovelies in peach dresses?

I saved the best for last.  How about two sisters in red with their mother?  The possibilities are endless with this photo!  Sneaking out the back door to have a cigarette with their mother.  Notice the only one with a pack is the mom!


  1. Recently at a Wedding in Wales Uk, Right Place, right time, I took a pic of a stunning mature bride taking her first suck on a cigarette just after the ceremony, I'd love to share the pic here?

  2. Something about smoking by the bride just drives me wild.


  3. Why would anyone want to smoke at there wedding? Its crazy everyone should switch to e cigs!