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Kristy & the Barnett Family Smoking Part 11

The Sleepover -

The two girls took up residence in Kristy's room.  Ready for a night of fun.  Of course both their cell phones were blowing up as text messages flew amongst friends.  The word all week was that their friend Amy's parents were heading out of town to celebrate their anniversary and Amy would have the house to herself.  Now texts were flying confirming that would indeed be a small party at her house the next night.

Both girls were super excited as Amy was a pretty good friend and expected teammate in freshman soccer that school year.  Amy didn't play on their club team, but they knew her well from playing against her several times.

Just as the next night's entertainment was being confirmed the two girls heard Kim call from downstairs "Dinner!  Come on girls."

Kristy and Devin headed down to get some grub.  Kim was a very good cook and as usual she had a good meal ready for the girls.  Kristy and Devin dug in as Kim took a seat with a small plate of her own.

The two girls chowed down on the good food, while Kim finished her small plate quickly.  Kim loved listening to the two friends chatting about all subjects from their soccer team to cute boys.  Thus, instead of heading out Kim decided to stay with the girls as they ate.

Kim took her plate into the kitchen and returned carrying her pack of cigarettes.  Now that she knew her two daughters were smoking there was really no reason for her to smoke outside on the porch anymore.

Kim retook her seat a the table and promptly lit her Marlboro light 100.  Kristy didn't really take much notice at all, but Devin took immediate notice.  She was seated across from Kim so she had a perfect view.

Kim inhaled deeply as she always did and shot a huge exhale across the table that extended over Devin's head.

"She makes it look so good" Devin thought to herself.

"How old we're you when you started smoking Mrs Barnett?" Devin asked.

Kristy looked up from her plate as she was kind of interested in her mom's story as well.

Kim was clearly surprised by the question from Devin, but she did not hesitate to answer.  "Well I remember it well actually. I had just turned 15 and my best friend Emily was over.   It was summertime and both my parents were at work leaving us two girls home on our own."

Kim had both girls' undivided attention as both were riveted to her words.  Kim paused to take a large drag before continuing.  As she continued whisps of some slipped from her lips.  "Emily wanted to try it and talked me into a cigarette.  There were always packs around the house so we had no problem in finding cigarettes."

"We were both hesitant but Emily took the lead and lit right up.  I followed her and within no time we decided we both liked it.  I think we spent the night at one or the other's house for a few days straight.  All our parents worked during the day so we had plenty of time to smoke all we wanted.  Within a month we were smokers I guess you could say."

"Wow Mom.  It sounds like you loved it right from the start," Kristy said.

Devin chimed in "So you didn't have any trouble inhaling at all?"

"Nope, I guess I had been around the second hand smoke for so long I took right to it."

"It's really cool that you don't mind Kristy smoking."

Kim responded, "Well it would be hard for me to say much when I sit here smoking in front of her all the time.  It would be kinda hypocritical don't you think?"

Kim raised the cigarette to her mouth and took her a longer than normal drag, pulling for a solid five seconds before inhaling deeply.  As Kim's chest rose noticeably Devin nodded.  She was sure she was ready now.  Devin wanted to see exactly what Kristy and Kim loved so much about it.

Her time was coming and she was ready for it.

The two girls took their plates to the kitchen and headed back upstairs.  After sitting, watching her mother smoke and talking about it, she was more than ready for a cigarette of her own. She walked over to her desk and grabbed her pack of Marlboro Light 100s

Devin saw what her friend was up to and asked for one of her own.  Devin was ready to try it as Kristy’s eyes lit up.  Kristy tossed her pink lighter to her friend who readied herself.

Devin couldn't remember being more nervous.  Not even for the big soccer games or anything.  Could she even do this?  She clumsily fired the lighter up with one hand and touched the flame to the end of the cigarette.  Once lit, she immediately blew the smoke out.  The look on her face said it all.  It was clearly a shock to Devin’s system.

Kristy observed.  Finally after a brief silence, Kristy asked her how it was. 

"Umm not what I expected,"  Devin said still with a pained look on her face.  "The taste is really strange."

For the next minute Devin sat quietly as the cigarette smoldered between her fingers.  After a long drag of her own,  Kristy spoke up. "You know Devin, it took me several tries before I got used to it.  You should definitely try taking another puff.  It gets better I promise.”

Devin was definitely interested in what was so good about smoking.   Sure, the first puff wasn’t so great, but she survived.  The taste was different but it didn't make her sick or anything like she feared.  So Devin raised her cigarette and took another small drag.  The taste was bitter, but it didn't seem as bad as the last time.  She blew the smoke back out with little if any inhaled.

Kristy watched in silence as her friend got used to the smoke.  Each successive puff  Devin took seemed to taste a little less bad than the previous.  Finally after about ten puffs Devin was done.. 

"Well, that wasn't so bad at all," Devin said with a slight smile.  It looked almost like she was proud of herself to Kristy.

Kristy nodded, “Next time I am going to teach you to inhale!”

The two girls put out their cigarettes and began talking about the school week and all the typical teenage girl stuff.

Meanwhile, Kim had settled into her chair in the living room downstairs.  She was prepared to have a relaxing evening enjoying her favorite Friday night sitcom Last Man Standing and enjoying a few cigarettes. It was far too quiet upstairs though.  Not the usual stomping around and loudness that the two friends usually exhibited on pat sleepovers.  Kim had a definite idea about what might be going on....especially after Devin's questions at dinner earlier.

"Kristy?" Kim yelled upstairs.

"Yeah Mom?"

"Can you run down here for a quick second please?"

Kristy sighed before answering, "I guess."

She headed downstairs to see what her mother wanted.

"What are you two up to up there?  Y'all sure are being quieter than usual." Kim inquired.

"Nothing mom, just goofing around."

"You aren't teaching Devin to smoke are you?  I am not sure how I would feel about that."

"Ummm she wants to try it mom.  She has been bugging me about it all week." Kristy replied.

Kim was not surprised at all.  She remembered back to her high school years and smoking with her friends at sleepovers almost every weekend.  "I'm not too sure about this Kristy.  Devin's parents probably would not approve at all."

Kristy nodded, but said nothing.

"Please give it some thought, before going through with anything honey." Kim knew she could not stop it.  Once a teenagers mind is made up, the worst thing you can do is tell them no.

"Ok mom." Kristy raced out of the room and headed back upstairs to Devin.

The two girls settled back into their evening.  The topic turned to Amy's party for Saturday night.  "I can't wait til tomorrow.  Amy's is going to be so much fun.  I can' believe her parents are letting her have an unsupervised party!" said Devin.

"I know!  It's going to be a blast!  I heard Jeff is going too." Kristy responded.

"Ooooh he is so sexy.  I hope he'll be there." said Devin.

Jeff had moved in late summer and was the talk of the all the 9th grade girls the first week of school.  The girls grinned at each other before Devin spoke up.  "I think I want to try it again.”

“Really?  Cool!”  Kristy excitedly hopped up and grabbed her pack and handed a fresh cigarette to her friend.  Kristy lit her own and then handed the pink lighter to Devin who lit her second cigarette of her life.

“Ready to inhale?”

"Yeah, I guess so," Devin answered as she sat quietly with the cigarette burning between her fingers.  She sat on her bed quietly for a minute or two.  She was working up the courage to take the next step.  Finally, she lifted the cigarette to her mouth, drew gently on the filter, opened her mouth and breathed in.  Devin did feel some irritation as the smoke went down her throat and into her chest.  She almost coughed, but  she refused the urge.  After holding her breath for a second she slowly released the smoke from her lungs.  Not much smoke came out, but as she continued to exhale, a small amount of smoke slowly started to exit her lips. 

"Oh my God, you did it," Kristy shouted as she watched in amazement at Devin’s first successful inhale. 

Devin didn't quite know what to think.  The smoke felt kind of tingly in her chest.  And the taste was nowhere near as bad as previous puffs.  A smile finally came over her face as she looked at Kristy. 

"I think the secret is to take smaller puffs.  At least until I get used to it."

Devin was encouraged by her first inhale, and was ready to try again.  This time she took another small drag.  She then inhaled once again.  A smile broke out on her face as she watched the small stream of smoke exit her mouth.

"Hey, there you go Devin.  Getting better," Kristy said as she watched.  "What do you think?"

"I did it, Kristy!" Devin answered with excitement.  "Wow, that was much better.  The taste doesn't seem to be near as bad when you inhale. It felt kind of good in my chest," she added.

There was definitely something to this Devin concluded.

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