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Kristy & the Barnett Family Smoking Experience Parts 1-6

So I have had several requests to start putting the mega smoking story of Kristy, Jessica and the Barnett Family together.  Here I have put parts 1-6 together for your reading pleasure!

Kristy and the Barnett Family Smoking Experience Parts 1-6

Part 1
Kristy was the daughter of Kim and John Barnett.  She had an older sister Jess.   Kristy was 14 and in the 8th grade.  She was a talented young soccer player leading her junior high team last year.  Kim and John had high expectations for their daughter as she readied to enter high school.

Jess was 17 and a senior to be at Southlake High School.  She was on the swim team and looking to make her mark for the defending Texas state champions.  She looked forward to making her way onto the freestyle relay team.

John and Kim were financial set .  Most everyone in Southlake is in fact.  John was a vice president for Burlington northern railroad.  His nice income had allowed Kim to stay at home and raise the girls.

Kim was a lifelong smoker.  At age 37 she had been smoking for almost 20 years.  Kim started at age 16 and loved smoking right from the start.  It only took her a couple of months to  become a committed smoker.

She took to it so that her junior year she could hide it no more and decided to come clean to her mom.  Luckily her mom was a smoker as well and was sympathetic, even almost supportive.  Kim was allowed to smoke at home as she wanted.

Times have changed though.  Especially in Southlake.  Smoking is frowned upon greatly and Kim must pick her spots in public to enjoy a cigarette these days or risk a rude comment.

Her attitude on smoking has changed a bit though over the years.  Kim still loves smoking, don't get me wrong.  She is a 15 a day Marlboro light 100s girl and always will be.  She is a glamorous smoker with what one would classify as a medium sized drag.  But does she inhale!  She pulls the smoke deep into her lungs and then pauses.  And pauses before exhaling.

Her husband John has commented that Kim holds the smoke in longer than any smoker he knows.  Finally after a several second hold Kim tilts her head and exhales upwards.  Almost always upwards.

As I as saying...her attitude has changed a bit though.  As her significant other was so very excepting of Kim's smoking she had no plans of such for her daughters Jess and Kristy.  She would be horrified in fact.  Smoking was just not tolerated much in Southlake and she did not want her daughters shunned in any way.

Two weeks ago was "the incident".  It was July and the kids were out for summer vacation.  Of course the weekends were filled with the typical parties and goings on of the high schooler.  It seemed Jess was out every weekend and Kristy was bit jealous.

Jess had a car and as far as Kristy was concerned, could come and go as she pleased as long as she told her parents what was planned.  It seemed Jess could only go to the movies and sleepovers.  She had "real" freedom!

As best Kristy could tell, Jess had been to a party the night before and come home late.  Tired, she had plopped her purse by the couch and headed to bed.  The next morning as Jess and Kristy slept late, their mother Kim was cleaning the living room and noticed Jess's purse lying open.

What she saw next made her heart jump.  There in the purse was a pack of cigarettes.  The exact same brand as hers in fact.  Thoughts raced through Kim's mind.

"My daughter is smoking" she whispered to herself.  And judging by the brand, Kim felt she had some influence.

"Jess might have started by watching me" she thought.  Kim was almost heartbroken.  She did not want Jess to smoke.

Kim was flustered and went out the back to think of what to do....and have a cigarette.  She lit up and took a bit larger than normal opening drag inhaling to her toes.  Kim held the smoke inside as she decided her plan of action.

She tilted her head and exhaled.  Kim would confront Jess as soon as she awakened. As she sat on the back deck smoking Kim heard the rustling from Jess's room.  Her daughter was up.

As Kim went inside she noticed the purse was not in the living room floor anymore.  Jess had removed the evidence.  Kim sat up shop in the kitchen awaiting her daughters arrival.  As Jess walked in Kim said "Jess, have a seat real quick honey."

Jess sat, feeling she knew what as coming next.
"Jess, are you smoking? Asked her mother.

"No mom, I'm not.  You must have seen that pack in my purse I guess."

Kim nodded.

"Well they aren't mine.  They belong to Brittany Mayberry. "

Brittany was one of Jess's friends on the swim team. Kim always thought she was bit more "adventurous than Jess so Kim was not surprised to hear this.

"Brittany had a couple of drinks last night and was scared to carry them home with her.  She asked if I would hold them and she would grab them from me today."

One thing Jess was not, Kim thought, was a liar.  She had always been pretty straight forward with her mom and Kim knew how strict Brittany's parents were.

“Well honey, you know I would be horrified if you ever started smoking.  Despite my smoking habit. I never want you to smoke.  The people here are not accepting in Southlake."

Jess nodded in agreement, hoping she might get off.  The cigarettes were not hers in fact. She was telling the truth.  Jess had never had an interest in smoking.  She was a swimmer and smoking just did not got with swimming at all.

She would not be so lucky though.  Kim felt like she had to at least make a small stand, even though she believed her daughter.  She needed to prove her stance on the girls smoking despite her affection for it.

Jess was grounded for two weeks and Kim planned to be much more attentive to the girls and her smoking.

All the events were not lost to the youngest of the family though.  Kristy definitely took notice.  She had never really paid much attention to her mother smoking.  Being in the 8th grade, she had heard talk at school about some of her schoolmates smoking, but she had no experiences in person.

But now smoking was on her radar.  She was surprised by her mothers reaction grounding her sister, even though she had told the truth.  She decided to pay a bit more attention.

Kristy was curious now though and once aroused the curiosity of an 8th grader is a powerful thing.  Kristy now took real notice of her moms smoking.  She never really counted how much Kim smoked.  Kristy figured easily one an hour, maybe more.

Kristy also studied how her mother smoked.  She seemed to hold the smoke inside forever before exhaling.  A good 5 or 6 seconds.  It was fascinating to the youngster.   She wondered what holding the smoke inside her so long felt like.

After a solid week of observation Kristy was on the verge of making the decision to try it.  She decided she would bring up the subject with her best friend Devin.

Devin was also on the soccer team with Kristy and a good athlete herself.  Not the best on the team, but a good midfielder.  Devin's father smoked, but not her mother.  Kristy decided to touch on the subject on the weekend when she would be spending the night at Devin’s.

But before Friday night came Thursday night soccer practice.

"Kristy, we have to head to soccer practice in 10 minutes."

"Ok mom I’m getting my bag." Kristy  replied.

It was a quick 15 minute drive to the training facility.   The mother and daughter hopped in the car and headed out.  Only a couple of minutes into the trip Kim pulled out a cigarette and proceeded to light up.

Kristy was intent on watching her mom.  It was her typical style.  An average sized drag lasting 3 seconds.  Kristy watched out of the corner of her eye...pretending she was looking at something across the street.

Kristy watched as her mother's chest rose with a deep inhale. 1.   2.   3.    4.   5.  Kristy waited intently.  Then came the exhale.  It was not a ton of smoke.  In fact Kristy had expected more, but there was still plenty of smoke.

"Fascinating". Kristy thought to herself.

Her interest was growing.

Kim, on the other hand, was having a thought of her own.  "Is Kristy staring at me?  Surely she wasn't watching me smoke." she contemplated. "I surely doubt it, but what if?.

Kristy had her typical soccer practice.  The girl could play.  She could really get up and down the wing as she was faster than most girls her age.  She also had no problem with the running required of a winger.

After practice she hopped in her waiting mother's car for the trip home.  She was hoping to study her mother's smoking again.  She wanted to really see how her mother did it.

Instead she was disappointed as Kim did not light up on the return trip.

After a shower to get cleaned up, Kristy plopped down to watch some tv in her room.  Downstairs Kim and her husband were watching Parks & Rec, one of their favorite shows.

At the commercial break Kim reached over and grabbed a cigarette.  She tried not to smoke in the house much as she was the only smoker in the family, but she usually allowed herself 1 or 2 an evening.

John always was mesmerized by Kim's smoking.  While never taking to it himself, he definitely appreciated the style of it.  Especially Kim's.  She could definitely smoke.

He loved how deeply she inhaled and wondered how she was able to hold the smoke inside so long.  Her habit never bothered him, but he never had told her his feelings.

John stole a glance as Kim raised the cigarette to her waiting mouth and drew steadily.  Never rushed.  Just a steady pull.  Then she removed the cigarette and inhaled so very deeply.  It never ceased to amaze him as her chest rose visibly.  Kim looked his way, pausing and then raising her head to exhale.

The next day was Friday and Kristy was excited to spend the night at her best friend's house.   Devin was of Asian descent, but was American born.  Her parents were born in Japan, but had moved to the states soon after they married.  Devin  was a great friend and the two shared everything.

That afternoon Kim was ready to take Kristy over to Devin's.  Kristy hoped to get one last opportunity to observe her mom smoke.  Last night on the way home from practice she had not been so lucky.

Today she would not be disappointed though as her mom lit up before she was even in the car.  Krystal didn't want to be obvious so she ignored the first few drags.

Kim had planned this though.  That's why she already had a lit cigarette when she hopped in the car.  She wanted to see if her daughter was really paying attention to her smoking.

As Kim pulled onto the street she thought "We'll see if Kristy is really watching me."

Kim took a few drags and Kristy never turned her head.  "Well, maybe she isn't.  It must have just been me."  Kim began to relax.

But as she raised her cigarette for her fourth, Krystal's head turned acting like she was looking across the street. Sure enough.  The 8th grader watched the entire process.  Three second drag.  Deep inhale.  Long pause followed by an exhale.

"Wow.  That Iittle booger is watching me smoke I think!" Kim thought.  "That's enough of this." and she tossed her cig out the window.

Krysty was disappointed at her mother's brief smoking display, but she had seen enough.  She definitely was going to talk to Devin about her newfound interest.

Krysty never ceased to enjoy going to Devin's.  Her family was so sweet and friendly.  Devin's mom was always asking if she wanted or needed anything.

Krysty and Devin had a fun evening.  They texted boys and had popcorn and watched a movie.  Soon it was midnight and both were settling into bed.  Krysty rolled over, "Devin?"

Yes she replied.

"What do you think about smoking?". Kristy asked.

"Well, what do you mean?  My dad smokes and I think it smells." said Devin.

Kristy replied, "I have been watching my mom lately and it looks interesting to me."

"What?" Devin exclaimed.  "You. Are nuts!  It smells so bad."

"I don't mind it that much I guess.  My mom doesn't smoke around me too much so I don't really notice it too much."

"Well you are crazy.  You better not start smoking on me!"

Kristy rolled over and decided it was time for sleep.  She was seriously considering trying a cigarette. 

The time was coming.

Part 2

The next afternoon Kim picked up Kristy and they headed home.  Little did the 14 year old know that Kim had made a decision the night before.  Alarmed by what she thought was her daughter studying her smoking, Kim decided to try not to smoke around Kristy.

She knew it would be impossible to completely shelter her daughter from her smoking, but she was determined to do her best.  She did not want Kristy smoking and she especially did not want to be the influence.

So home they went.  Kim not smoking and Kristy with the increasing thought in the back of her head thinking she might be ready to try it.

Saturday and Sunday were all quiet around the Barnett household.  Kristy was in and out like the typical teenager, but preferred to mostly hang out in her room.  Kim made a conscious effort to only smoke on the back porch and not if her daughter was around.

Kristy could not help think of her conversation with her best friend Devin.  "I guess I should have expected that though.  Smoking is so uncommon in 8th grade."

She didn't notice her mother's new smoking patterns around the house.  She did notice that the next few times the two were in the car together that her mom did not light up at all.

It did not decrease Kristy's desire though.  She had basically made her mind up. That this would be the week.  Just how would she do it though?

Tuesday after soccer practice Kristy knew Wednesday might be her chance.  It was shopping day and Kim usually took a couple of hours running errands and going to Kroger.

She had to snag a cigarette though.  That would be tough for sure.  Her mom left them on the kitchen counter for the most part when she was home, but Kim rarely strayed too far from the kitchen.

Kristy decided she would hang around Wednesday morning and see if the chance arose.  She hopped up at 10am and took a spot on the couch to watch some tv.  Keeping an eye on her mom.

Sure enough Kim had her cigarettes and lighter on the kitchen counter, but after an hour there had been no chance at all.  Kim had even been out twice and smoked on the back porch out of sight.

Finally her big chance came.  The mailman.  Kim was messing around in the kitchen and they both heard the mailman drive off.  Kim walked through the living room and headed for the front door.  Obviously heading outside to get the newly arrived mail.

As the door closed Kristy sprung into action.  She quickly headed for the kitchen and the pack on the counter.  Picking it up quickly Kristy coaxed one out into her hand.  She put the pack back down and raced upstairs to her room.

"Wow.  I did it!". She actually had one.  Kristy grabbed a tshirt from her drawer and carefully deposited the cigarette inside the folded shirt.

Now she needed the chance to try it.  She knew the daily kept spare lighters in a kitchen drawer for emergencies like when the power went out.  She could use one of them.

About an hour later her mom was ready for errands and shopping.  Kim always asked her daughter if she wanted to go, but Kristy always refused.  Thus nothing was out of the ordinary when Kristy declined.

Kim headed out the door and Kristy watched as she drove off down the street.

It was time.

Kristy raced downstairs to the kitchen and quickly grabbed a lighter from the drawer before racing back upstairs.  Her heart was racing as she Grabbed the stolen cigarette and entered her bathroom.
This was it she thought.  Having watched her mom numerous times Kristy thought she knew how to light the cigarette.  She stood in front of her mirror and raised the cigarette.  She was going to watch herself.

"Here I go." she thought.

Krystal placed the cigarette in her mouth.  She looked so odd in the mirror with the unlit cigarette in her mouth.  She was not sure what she thought about it.  She pulled some air through the unlit cigarette trying to get a taste.


She just stood there frozen.  Almost afraid to do what came next.  But she was determined.

She flicked the lighter to life and watched as the flame danced.  Looking in the mirror she raised the lighter towards the cigarette dangling from her young lips.  Touching the flame to end she drew very lightly.

She had no idea  what to expect.  After a second of trying a small amount of smoke entered her mouth.  Kristy stopped drawing immediately and removed it from her mouth. The small amount of smoke left her mouth watering.

"Hmmm I don't know about this.". The taste wasn’t that great.  She looked in the mirror and there Krystal was standing with a lit cigarette.  She decided to play with it a bit.  Holding the long all white at different angles.  Tilting her elbow and holding it high next to her face.  The youngster was enjoying herself.

The 14 yr old was not afraid of being caught.  Her mother would be gone at least another hour and she had her own bathroom upstairs.

She was infatuated by her reflection.  There was something about the lit cigarette.  Kristy was ready for a drag.

She thought about her mom's smoking.  She was not ready to do that yet.  Kristy moved the cigarette towards her mouth, watching her reflection in the mirror.  Gently placing it in her mouth Kristy sucked softly.

Smoke filled her mouth.  She quickly removed the cigarette and blew out the uninhaled smoke.  "That wasn't too bad she thought."

She did it again.

After a couple more tastes Krystal decided it was time to inhale.  She took a small drag and breathed in.  The smoke slid into her chest and she felt it all the way down.

The sensation was wild.  It w like her heart almost skipped a beat.  She watched in the mirror and exhaled.  "Wow!  I did it.". She repeated the act.  A very small drag and then an inhale.

Ooooh.  It was such a weird feeling.  The experiment over she threw the cigarette into her toilet and flushed the evidence away.

"That wasn't bad at all."

The 8th grader was intrigued for sure.  She left her bathroom intent on trying that again in the near future.

Thursday night soccer practice came and went.  Again Kim did not smoke in the car.  Kristy saw Devin, but did not get a chance to tell of her smoking experience.  She wanted to, but there too many other girls around.

Kristy was consumed with the thought of sneaking her next cigarette.  It seemed her original try at smoking got better and better in her mind as the days wore on.

Friday Kim was putting away the dishes from the night before.  She had been sticking to her plan to smoke outside as much as possible the last week.  She lost track of her thoughts though and before she knew it had grabbed her pack from the counter and lit up.

Soon after Kristy bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen.  She opened the fridge and grabbed a bottled water.  Noticing the smell of her mother smoking she plopped herself down at the table and slid over the sports section.

She was intent on getting another chance to watch her mothers smoking style. The youngster pretended to read the sports section but as her mom raised her cigarette her eyes darted over.

She was really going to study the process this time.  Kristy decided to time her moms drag.  1....2.....3.   Three seconds.

"Could I do that?" she wondered.

The next drag Kristy decided to study the rest of the process.  Drag 1....2.....3 just as before.  Then her mom removed the cigarette and inhaled deeply as Kristy had noticed before.  1.....2.....3.....4.....5. Then Kim tilted her head and exhaled.

"Goodness! There's no way I could hold the smoke in that long." Kristy thought to herself.

Just then the phone rang in the living room.  Kristy's Head immediately went down into the newspaper.  Ring.  Kim glanced around and placed her cigarette in the ashtray on the counter beside her pack and raced to catch the phone.

The youngsters heart began to race.  "Can I do this?"

Oh how she wanted to.  She listened to her mom in the other room.  It sounded like grandma Barnett on the phone.  Her mom would definitely be a minute.

Kristy quietly got up and moved over to the counter.  Glancing back she picked up the burning cigarette and placed it into her waiting mouth.

Kristy drew softly.  Longer than she had before but still a very small drag.  Then she removed the cigarette and inhaled.  "Cool.". She could feel the sensation in her chest as she exhaled.

She quickly returned the cigarette to its resting place and reached over and shook out a fresh cigarette from her moms pack.  Concealing it in her hand she raced upstairs.

"That was awesome!" Kristy thought.  "What a rush."

The 8th grader was elated.  Now she just needed a bit more privacy and she had a whole cigarette to herself.

She was excited. "I could really feel it that time."

Kristy waited patiently. Almost stalking her mom from the upstairs. Waiting for her chance.  About an hour later she heard the backdrop close.  Her mother had stepped out for a smoke.

Game on.  Kristy ran into her bathroom and locked the door behind her, turning on the vent fan.  She got the lighter she had snagged and got ready for her second cigarette ever.

Kristy positioned herself in front of the mirror.  She placed the cigarette in her mouth and flicked the lighter to life.  Raising it she brought the cigarette to life drawing on it gently.

Smoke filled her mouth, but she didn't inhale.  She removed the cigarette and blew out the uninhaled smoke. She was still quite the novice.

The youngster looked at herself in the mirror as she held the cigarette in her right hand.   She was impressed.  She felt a bit sophisticated.  She was doing something sneaky that nobody else she knew was doing.

She was ready for a real drag now.  Kristy thought about her earlier experience that day.  She also remembered studying her mom.  The length of the drag....the inhale and long pause.  Could she do it?

Kristy put the cigarette in her mouth and began to draw.  1....2 she counted and stopped. Then she withdrew the cigarette and inhaled. 

Whoooosh the smoke slid down into her chest.

It was too much though.  It hit her hard and she coughed, expelling
the smoke.  "Ouch" she thought as she softly coughed a bit more.  "That was too much I guess."

She didn't want to waste the cigarette though.  They were not easy to come by.  Once more she decided.

Bringing the cigarette to her waiting lips Kristy inhaled.   1......2 then she stopped again and inhaled.  This time not as deeply as before. 

Whoooosh the smoke slid into her young chest.

Again it felt like her heart skipped a beat. She paused very briefly and exhaled into the mirror.

"WOW.  I did it!"

There was still an urge to cough, but she suppressed it with the exhale.  She was quite proud of herself and then she heard the door downstairs.  "Oh crap." she threw the cigarette away and flushed before heading back into her room.

Right then and there the 8th grader decided there was definitely something to this smoking.  "I am starting to understand why mom smokes."

Part 3

Smoking was on Kristy's mind.  She thought about it quite a lot.  At school.  After soccer practice.  While sitting in her room at night.  The problem was getting the chances to smoke.

She had only been able to steal a couple a week from her mom.  Kristy had smoked a few times and had told nobody..not even her best friend Devin.  Luckily, she had been able to snatch one from her mom earlier in the day.

As her mom headed out for some errands Kristy headed for the bathroom she shared with her sister Jessica.  Kristy shut the door and put the cigarette to her lips as she got the lighter ready.

She was still a novice, but learning fast.  The youngster flicked the lighter and touched the flame to the waiting cigarette.  Kristy was getting the hang of lighting up now and inhaled from the very first drag.

One,   two,    three.  She pulled on the cigarette and inhaled. The smoke slipping into her chest.  Kristy loved the feeling and was beginning to be able to hold the smoke inside longer.  She paused and exhaled.

She watched in the mirror as she performed the second drag.  The look of concentration as she inhaled and held it one,   two,   three before exhaling at her reflection.

An impressive young smoker was being born.

Kristy raised the cig for another drag pulling hard.  She removed the cigarette and inhaled as the door swung open.  Kristy whirled around to see her sister Jessica standing in the doorway.

"Just what the hell do you think you are doing?"

Kristy froze.  Her lungs full of smoke.  She held it as long as she could.  In fact she had never held such a large amount in for so long.  Finally she could hold it no more and exhaled to the dismay of her sister.

"Since when do you smoke!?!?" Jess asked with her hands on her hips.

Kristy froze almost unable to speak.     "Ummm.   I have only tried it a few times...please don't tell mom." Kristy replied.

"You're only 8th grade!  What the hell is going on?"

"I don't know.  I just wanted to try it Jessica"

Jess turned and stormed to her room shutting the door behind her.  Kristy was scared to death.  She threw the cigarette away and went to her own room almost in tears.

What should she do?  If Jessica told mom she was dead meat.  Mom would kill her!  She remembered how mad mom had gotten last month with no proof at all.

Kristy gathered her nerve and crossed the hall lightly knocking on her sister's door.  "Can I come in?"

"I guess", her sister answered.

"Jess,  please don't tell on me for smoking.  I'm sorry." the little sister pleaded.

"I dunno sis this is a really big deal."


"So what is going on?  I could never imagine miss little soccer player ever smoking?" Jessica asked.

Kristy paused and answered, "Well, I have been watching mom alot lately and just wanted to try it."

"Do you like it?"

"Umm, actually I think I do.  I've only had a few, but it's kinda fun.  Do you care if I smoked sometimes Jess?"

"Of course I care.  I don't I want it around me!"  said Jessica  "I guess I won't tell, but keep it to yourself!"
Jess saw the gleam in her little sister's eyes.  The 18 yr old had no idea why she had answered the way she did, but she figured she would just go with it for now to give her some time to process what she had found out.

Kristy decided to retreat and keep her fingers crossed that her sister would honor her word.

The next few days were quiet around the Barnett household.  Kristy was laying low.  Even though she wanted to smoke she stayed in the shadows pretty much.  Soccer and a night over at Devin's house.

Sunday afternoon came along and it was on her mind again.  The big problem was that Kristy did not have a cigarette.  She had been  thinking all week and she headed for her sister's room.

"Jess?  You busy?"

"Naw, whatcha want?"

Kristy slipped inside the room shutting the door behind her.  "Well, could you do me a huge favor?" Kristy was so nervous she could barely get the words out.  "Would you buy me a pack of cigarettes?"

Jessica turned away from her computer looking at Kristy.  "Now why would I do that?"

"Jess, I can't get any myself.  I have no way to get them and you are 18."

"Well how have you been getting them?" her older sister fired back.

"I have snuck a few from mom, but that's it.  I don't want her to catch me."

"Ugh I do NOT want to do this!"

"Please????" Kristy pleaded.

"Dammit sis.  I guess, but if we get caught I am coming clean and telling the truth."

Kristy bounced across the hall to get some money.  Jess couldn't believe how excited her little sister was.  She grabbed her car keys and they headed out to the convenience store.

As they pulled up to the 7-11 Jessica asked "Well what do you want?"

"Same as mom I guess.  Marlboro light 100s.  Oh and would you grab me a lighter too?"

Jessica sighed and nodded.  Heading inside Kristy watched as Jessica showed her ID and bought the cigarettes and lighter.

Hopping into the car, Jessica tossed the bag into her sisters lap.  "There! Now no more favors!"

Jessica sped off, but turned before heading home. She pulled into Chesapeake Park and found a spot to park.  Looking over at Kristy she said "OK so show me,"

"Huh?" Kristy said, clearly surprised.

"I wanna see you smoke?"

"I thought you didn't want it anywhere near you? Kristy answered.

"Just this once.  I can't picture you smoking at all sis."

Kristy was almost trembling she was so nervous.  She opened the plastic bag and removed the pack of Marlboro light 100s.

She had only ever smoked in her bathroom.  Never outside and never in front of anyone at all.

"Come on sis.  There is no one around at all."

Kristy opened the pack and pulled a fresh cigarette out putting it between her lips as she fished for the new lighter.

"Wow look at that kid." Jessica thought to herself.  "I never would have guessed.". As she looked at her 14 year old sister with a cigarette in her mouth.

Kristy's hand shook as she flicked the lighter and brought it upwards towards the long white cigarette in her mouth.  She sucked gently until she tasted the smoke in her mouth and then she pulled harder.  Removing the cigarette Kristy inhaled, paused and exhaled.

Jessica shook her head.  "Damn.  I never woulda thought at all."

Kristy gave a sly grin as she saw the surprised look.  "watch this" she thought.  She wanted to impress her sister who was clearly astonished.

She raised the cigarette and pulled hard.  One two three almost to four before removing the cigarette and pulling the smoke deep inside.  She held it in as she stared at Jessica.  Then she exhaled more smoke than she had ever.

"Holy crap.  You look just like mom!" Jessica said.

In fact, Kristy's smoking style was the spitting image of Kim's. The only difference was that her mom too, a bit longer drags and held the smoke in longer. Otherwise Kristy was a mini-Kim.

"Ok.  Throw that out and let's go home."

Kristy took one last drag and off they went.  She was so proud of herself.  Her older sister was seemingly on her side and she had a whole pack of cigarettes of her very own.  The last few weeks of summer were going to be great!

Kristy was on top of the world.  She now had her very own pack of cigarettes and if she played her cards right she might even be able to talk her sister into buying her a pack every once in awhile.

With her newfound freedom Kristy was smoking a couple a day, whenever the chance arose.  Her style mimicked her mother very closely.  Her inhales were getting longer and she loved to hold the smoke inside three or four seconds before exhaling.

Her sister kept her word and did not tell.  The images of her 14 year old soccer star sister smoking were stuck in her head though.  She still could not believe she caught Krystal smoking.

A couple of times a month  Jessica visited her grandma Barnett (Suzi) who lived across town.  They would sit at the table and play canasta, a card game which Suzi taught her long ago.

None of Jess's friends played canasta, but Jess loved the game.  She always enjoyed her days when she and grandma Barnett played.  Jess had planned to visit on Sunday afternoon after church.

"Hi Jessica!". Her grandmother greeted her at the door to her house.  "Can't wait to get revenge for last week.  You can't beat me today!"

Jessica laughed as she countered with "We shall see!"

The two headed for the dining room where Suzi already had the cards set out on the table.  Jess grabbed a coke and plopped herself down at the table.  Suzi grabbed her cigarettes and joined her 18 yr old granddaughter.

Suzi had been a lifelong smoker.  Now in her mid-50s and a menthol, girl she preferred her Benson & Hedges.  She had no idea how her daughter Kim had ended up smoking Marlboro lights but she did.

Jess began shuffling the cards for play and Suzi pulled out a B&H and lit up.  The high schooler paid attention as her grandmother exhaled.  Suzi's style was different from her mom.  Kim inhaled like no other and it looked like Krystal was going to be of the same mold.  Suzi was a much "simpler" smoker.  Seemed very basic to the 18 yr old.  Drag, inhale, exhale.

Canasta was not a short game.  It usually takes a couple of hours to play a good game and Jessica and her grandmother always had good games!  Over the course of the game Suzi had four cigarettes.

She watched each time. So much so that she found herself well behind in the canasta game.  As Suzi crushed out her fourth Benson & Hedges of the afternoon kaci got the nerve to speak up.

"Grandma, why do you smoke menthols?" Jessica asked.

Surprised.  Suzi glanced across the table.  She had not expected the question at all.  It was totally out of left field. "Well honey, I have just always loved the taste truthfully. From my very first time I knew menthols were for me.  Why do you ask?"

"I noticed mom smokes the regular ones.  Is there that big a difference?"

"I know.  I was always surprised she chose Marlboro lights." Suzi stated.  "I caught her when she was 16 and knew I had no chance to stop her after seeing her smoke a couple of times.  I could tell how she already enjoyed it and being a smoker myself it would have been hypocrytical of me otherwise."

Jess nodded.  She wanted to tell her grandmother about Krystal smoking.  Not out of spite, but to keep the conversation going.  A lull followed as neither spoke for a couple of minutes.

Suzi could tell her granddaughter was curious about smoking.  It was more than obvious.

Finally Suzi broke the uneasy silence.  "Well honey, have you tried smoking yet?"

"No grandma sure haven't." Jess said not wanting to look up from her cards.

"Well are you curious?  You must be since you brought it up.  It's ok Jess, I do understand about smoking you know." she said with a big smile.

Jessica knew she could share with her grandmother.  They had always talked.

Jess raised her head and nodded.

"I don't mind showing you if you would like.  A young woman should know how to smoke I have always thought." Suzi grabbed her pack and shook two out.

"Here.  We'll do it together." Suzi handed a B&H menthol to her granddaughter.  She always expected kaci to become a smoker like her mother and herself, but Jessica's swimming had always kept her so busy with athletics.

Jess lit up as her granddaughter watched.  She was so nervous.  Could she even do it?  What would it taste like?  Would she cough?

Jess took her first cigarette and placed it in her lips like she had seen Suzi and her mom do so many times before.

"Now try not to breath in much smoke at all at first.  I'll show you how to inhale in a minute." Suzi instructed.
Jessica leaned in as her grandmother flicked the lighter and held the flame over.  She touched the tip of the cigarette to the flame and gently pulled.  The menthol smoke entered her mouth and she removed the cigarette from her mouth.

"How does it taste honey?"

"Well umm not bad at all." a surprised Jessica stated.

"I'm glad you think so.  Let's see if you can inhale a bit shall we?"  Suzi asked.
Jess nodded as she looked at the cigarette in her hand.  Her heart was beating so fast!  She had never thought much about smoking at all, but now here she was.

"Now take a small drag and inhale.  Careful, not too much or you might cough."

Jess brought the B&H to her waiting lips and pulled some smoke into her mouth.  She knew how to inhale as she had seen her grandma do so many times.  Jess breathed in and the rich smoke slipped into her waiting lungs.

"Ooh" the teenager thought to herself.  The sensation was like none other she had ever experienced.  She knew to exhale and blew a thin line so smoke.

"Impressive." her grandmother said.

She grinned and went for another drag which she inhaled with ease before exhaling.  Her head was spinning a bit and she commented to Suzi she lt a bit lightheaded.

Suzi said that's the buzz of the cigarette and that she would get used to it.  "Maybe we should slow down a bit though." as she slid the ashtray towards her granddaughter.  "Set it down for a minute."

Jessica placed her cigarette in the ashtray and paused as the smoke swirled upwards.  After about a minute she was ready again.  Jess picked up her B&H and brought it to her mouth as Suzi watched.

The high schooler breathed in and took the smoke into her swimmers lungs.  The feeling she got was so unique.  She exhaled without trouble.

Suzi was not surprised at all.  She knew the youngsters swimmer lungs would have a great capacity for the smoke.  Years of physical training had set her up well to inhale.

"Ok, put it out and let's play a hand, Suzi stated.  She did not want to make a huge deal out of the event.  Sh wanted her granddaughter to make up her own mind.

An hour later and the game was winding down.  Suzi would be the canasta winner for the day, but that was certainly not the big happening that afternoon.

Smoking had not been brought up again since Jess's first as she got ready to head home.


"Yes, grandma?"

"Would you like a few cigarettes of your own?  In case you would like to try it again sometime?" Suzi asked.
Jessica smiled softly and nodded.  "Ok, this is just between us right?"

Suzi grinned and got her pack.  She pulled out three menthol cigarettes and handed them to the 18 yr old.  "Now hide these in your purse and I will get you a lighter." as she headed for the kitchen.

Jess slipped the cigarettes into her purse where they would not be obvious at all.  Suzi handed her a new lighter, leaned over and gave her granddaughter a soft hug.

On the drive home Jessica thought about her experience.  She thought she kinda liked the menthol flavor.   She would definitely have another try at smoking.

Part 6

Kristy had been smoking a couple of months now.  Over the last two weeks she had gone through the pack that her sister Jessica had bought her.  She was completely out and was hoping she would not have to sneak them again from her mom like she used to at the start. 

It was a Wednesday night and the house was quiet.  Jess was over at a friends house.  At least that was what she had told Kim.  Mark was out of town on business and would not be home until Friday.  It was just Kim and Kristy at the dinner table.

The two finished up dinner as they chatted about Kristy's soccer team and the big tournament they had coming up Labor Day Weekend in Dallas.  They both loved the travel tournaments.  After finishing Kristy helped her mom clear the table and clean up a bit.

Everytime she entered the kitchen Kristy eyed her mom's Marlboro Light 100s pack sitting on the counter.  She was really wanting a cigarette.

Meanwhile, her sister Jessica was leaving early from her friend Amy's house from hanging out.  Seems she just wasn't able to focus at all and decided to head home a bit early.  She hopped in her car and started her ten minute drive back home when her mind wandered.  Jessica had the urge for a cigarette. 

She made her mind up to act upon the urge and she made the right turn into the 7-Eleven.  Jessica was nervous, but she had bought cigarettes before.  The 18 yr old went up to the counter and bought a pack of Benson & Hedges the same brand she had tried with her grandmother a couple of weeks back.

Proud of herself, opened her brand new pack before driving off.  It had been a few days and Jess was so ready to smoke again.  She was still a bit nervous so she pulled into the park near her house.  Placing the cigarette in her mouth she flicked her lighter to life and touched the flame to her B&H.  Sucking the smoke into her mouth she absolutely loved the menthol taste.

She removed the cigarette and inhaled.  "Mmmm nice" she thought to herself.  Jessica had no trouble inhaling deeply at all, just as her grandmother had showed her.  A big exhale followed as she glanced in the mirror.

Nobody was around.  She was free to smoke to her own content.

Meanwhile, Kim was enjoying a smoke of her own on the back porch.  As she paused for a drag her mind wandered.  She inhaled deeply and savored the feeling as she held the smoke inside her lungs before exhaling into the slight breeze.  Her thoughts wandered to her two athletic daughters.  Kim had been suspicious of the her 18 yr old for weeks now ever since she found a pack of cigarettes in Jessica’s purse.  It felt like she had been going thru her packs a bit faster of late.  She wondered if she was smoking more lately or was there a cigarette fairy in the house.

Leaving the park, Jessica decided she wanted to tell her little sister about her smoking experience.  Just how would she do it though?  She knew Kristy would freak out for sure.  Especially after how Jess had treated her last month when she caught her smoking in their bathroom.

Much later that night nobody was awake so Jessica decided to open her bedroom window and have a cigarette.  It had been two weeks since her experience at her grandmothers and she was taking to smoking.  Jess had only smoked a handful of times, but as we previously said she was a perfectionist.  Jess had watched her mother and grandma for years.  It came easily to her.

The senior-to-be had never smoked in her room though and was a bit nervous.  She turned off her television to eliminate any light in the room at all and slipped over to her window with her Benson & Hedges cigarette ready.

She quietly opened her window and brought the cigarette to her waiting lips.  Flicking the lighter Jess brought her menthol to life and drew in her first puff.  She had not gotten used to taking big drags when lighting yet, so a short drag it was.   She was still a bit nervous.

You would not have been able to tell from there though as Jess looked to be a natural born smoker.  Years of being an athlete and especially a swimmer had given her a huge lung capacity.  Though not quite ready to  get the full smoking experience she still took good sized drags for a girl of her age and smoking history.  She finished her cigarette and headed off to bed thinking of when and how to break the news to Kristy.

Kristy was at the same stage as her big sister.  She wanted to share with somebody.  Last month Kristy had mentioned smoking to her best friend and soccer teammate Devin who had quickly scoffed at the subject.  Kristy was going to try again.  She was going to tell Devin that she smoked and hoped the reaction would not be too bad.

It was the first month of summer so she sent Devin a text to see if she could come over and hang out.  It was her mother’s errand day so she knew they would have the house to themselves.  Devin wasted no time in answering and planning to head over in an hour or so.  Kristy was nervous as to how her lifelong friend would react, but she was ready. 

Devin arrived and the two bounded upstairs to Kristy’s room talking all the way up the stairs.  Plopping down on the bed Kristy asked what the new news was on Devin’s crush.  Devin had been to shy to make her feelings known and Kristy wanted the latest scoop.

After chatting awhile about boys and stuff Kristy decided it was time.  She was so nervous, but she wanted to tell her best friend.  Now was the time.

“Devin, remember a few weeks ago when I asked you about smoking?”

Devin nodded.  “Yeah I remember.”

“Well I have something to tell you.”  Kristy walked over to her chest of drawers opened a drawer and pulled out her pack of Marlboro Lights.

She saw the surprised look on Devin’s face.  Kristy raised the pack to show her friend and proceeded to pull one out.  “I tried it a few weeks ago.”

“What the hell Kristy?” Devin exclaimed.

“I like it, Devin.  You should try it with me. Kristy responded.

“No way! It looks so gross.”

“It’s not at all.  I used to think that too.”  Said Kristy as she raised a fresh cigarette to her mouth. 

Devin watched in amazement as her best friend brought the lighter to her lips and lit the cigarette.  She could not believe her eyes.

“What are you doing!!??”  Devin spouted.

“I’m smoking!”  Kristy said as she exhaled. 

Devin was speechless as she watched Kristy take a drag.  Devin just stared as her best friend inhaled.  Kristy’s chest rising visibly as she paused looking at her best friend.  Finally she exhaled and grinned widely.

“So, do you wanna try it Devin?” Kristy asked.

“Ummm no!  We can’t smoke Kristy.  We play soccer and all of our friends hate it!.”

Kristy was disappointed.  She had hoped once Devin saw her smoking that she would want to try one for sure.  It looked like Devin had no interest.  Kristy exhaled another plume of smoke before making one last attempt to persuade her best friend. 

“Oh come on Devin.  It’s really great.  I have been smoking for a few weeks and it gets better and better.”

Devin said “Well I don’t want to.”

Kristy shook her head and frowned.  “ok” She nodded.  She raised the cigarette and took a nice drag inhaling as deeply as ever.  She stared at Devin before exhaling.  As Kristy walked into her bathroom to dispose of the cigarette, Devin sat in silence.

“What had just happened” she thought to herself.  “I cant believe Kristy is smoking”.

“Does anyone else know?”  Devin asked when her friend emerged.

“Only my big sis.  She walked in on me the other day.”

“Yikes, how did she react?”

“Well she freaked out at first.  Luckily she promised not to tell on me and she even bought me my own pack last week!”  Kristy said triumphantly.

“So are you going to keep smoking?  Devin questioned.

“For sure.” replied Kristy.  “I really like it.”

“You do?”

Kristy nodded.  “I love the feeling of inhaling and holding the smoke inside.  I can’t even describe it.”

Devin was a bit interested.  “You smoke like your mom you know.”

Kristy nodded again.  “I know. Jess said the same thing.  She said I hold it in almost as long as mom before I exhale.”

Devin couldn’t believe it.  The two went about the rest of the afternoon and the subject never came up again.  It was clearly in both girls’ minds though.  Kristy so very hoped Devin would change her mind.  She decided she would not give up.


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