Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kristy & the Barnett Family Smoking Part 10

The alarms went off way too early for both girls the next morning.  Both Jessica and Kristy got up a little earlier to make sure they everything perfect for the first day back.

The two girls were dragging from the shortened sleep, but ready to go when the time came to leave.  They had been so intent on makeup, clothes, and looking just perfect that neither even thought about a cigarette until they were heading out the door.

Jessica would be dropping Kristy off at the 9th grade campus before heading on to the 10-12th grade senior high school.  As they were pulling out of the driveway Kristy spoke up.

"Dang Jess I have been so busy this morning I didn't even have time for a cig."

Jessica laughed and responded "Me either!  I'd sure like one, but we just don't have time. We're only a few blocks from campus."

Kristy nodded disappointingly.  She was not used to having to wait to smoke.  The last couple of weeks she had been able to smoke almost whenever she wanted at home.  She had not been smoking a ton, but 5 or 6 a day had become her norm.  Kristy just was not sure how she would handle not being able to have a beloved Marlboro Light 100 for 7 hours!

Jess wasn't nearly as concerned.  She could barely be considered anything close to a smoker yet and was much more interested in getting to school and seeing everyone.

Kristy's day was going great.  Of course not much happened class-wise the first day of school.  It was mostly social hour as everyone got settled in for the new year.  Kristy was extra excited for 5th period history as her and Devin were in the same class.

 She hadn't seen her best friend all day at the huge Southlake school so when Devin walked in the classroom Kristy ran over and gave her an excited hug.  The two raced over and grabbed a pair of desks right next to each other.

It was a typical class as the teacher blabbed about expectations and how the semester would go.  About halfway thru the hour Devin tapped Kristy on the back and slipped her a note.  Kristy stealthily opened the small piece of paper to read what her friend had to say.

"Can't wait til Friday night!  I think I want to try it." the note read.

Kristy almost hopped out of her seat in excitement.  She glanced around a her friend and flashed a wide grin.  "Finally!" Kristy thought to herself.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, but during the final hour Kristy began to really want a cigarette.  I mean really want one.  She had not smoked since the night before and was missing the feeling  of the smoke deep inside her lungs.  As the final bell of the day rung Kristy raced out of the building, barely even slowing down to say bye to her passing friends.  She took up her place near the curb and waited patiently for her sister to come pick her up.

As the minutes passed Kristy got more and more anxious.  Finally she saw a familiar car pull around the corner.  It was not her sister Jessica, but her father!

"Ugh!" the youngster exclaimed out loud.  She was totally screwed.  It would be at least until she got home now!

Her father traveled a lot for business and was seemingly away more than at home.  And with the independence that comes with the teenage years he just didn't get to see his girls too often.  Finally home from a long trip John jumped at the opportunity to pick his youngest up from school when the chance arose.

Little did Kristy know that her mother Kim had broken the news of their daughters smoking to John earlier that morning after he arrived home from the airport.  John had always been fine with Kim's smoking.  In fact he was a bit infatuated by it.  Kim's long drags.  The way she inhaled so very deeply and then gave a long pause before her exhale.   He had rarely seen a more polished smoker.

He was not too sure about his daughters smoking though.   He suspected he would be ok with it, but until he saw it first hand he had his doubts.  Since John traveled so much he decided to bring Kristy a gift he figured she would love.

John pulled up and Kristy opened the car door hopping inside. "I was wondering when you were coming home from your trip."

John nodded.  "Finally.  It was a bit too long for my liking." he replied.  "Oh. I brought you something." and Her dad tossed a small bag her way.

It landed in her lap and she snatched it up hoping it was a present from his trip. It turned out to be something better.  As Kristy glanced into the bag what she saw both excited her and startled her at the some time.

There staring back at her was a brand new pack of Marlboro Light 100s! Kristy was not sure how to react so she looked over at John without saying a word.

John spoke up "They're for you honey.  Your mother told me all about it this morning. I thought I would surprise you."

Kristy gave a cautious smile and responded "So you really don't mind?"

John said "I think it will be alright" as he pulled down the road.  "Go ahead. I am sure you would love one right about now after a long day at school."

Kristy did not need any prodding at all as she ripped into her brand new pack.  John noticed her excitement as she pulled a long cigarette out of her fresh pack and place it in her mouth.  Her pretty pink lighter in hand Kristy brought her much wanted cigarette to life.

John had just pulled up to a stop sign so he decided to take the chance to observe his daughter lighting up.  What he saw startled him a bit.  It was not what he expected at all.

John expected your typical beginner smoker. A  Small drag with an immediate exhale which was mostly uninhaled.  Like I said...what he got he had not expected in his wildest dreams.

Kristy was so ready for a cigarette that her first drag was an absolute monster.  The cigarette stayed between her lips as she placed her lighter back inside her purse.  In the meantime the cigarette glowed between her lips as she dragged long and hard.  John was frozen at the stop sign even though there was nobody coming from any direction.

There sat his 8th grade daughter taking a multiple second, cheek-hollowing drag on a long all white cigarette!  Finally Kristy reached up and pulled the cigarette from her lips.  Her chest rose noticably as she inhaled as deeply as she could.  She looked over at her dad as the smoke sat in her lungs.  "You can go Daddy!"

John was frozen still as Kristy turned her head and exhaled a long stream of smoke into the windshield in front of her.

"Holy crap" he thought to himself.  "How does an 8th grader smoke like that already???"

John didn't speak again as the two drove the final seven blocks to their house. He did grab a couple of glances over to take in his 14 year old daughter's long exhales.  He was totally mesmerized.

Kristy was glad of her father's acceptance as it gave her even more confidence to smoke at home.  The rest of the week seemed to fly by.  Long days at school and getting back into the homework groove.  Kristy settled into a routine of a morning cigarette before school and then 3 or 4 in the evenings at home.

Before she knew it Friday was at hand.  In 5th period history she passed Devin a note.   "So, are you still up for it tonight?"

Devin passed the note back "Heck yeah I can't wait for the sleepover."

That's not what Kristy was stabbing at though, so she added to the note.  No silly.  I mean are you ready to give it a try?"

Devin read the note and looked over at her friend.  She nodded her head yes.

Kristy raced home after school.  She had an after-school smoke and got her room straightened up a bit for the night of fun.  There was a big party at a friend's house on Saturday night so Devin and Kristy decided to stay in on Friday.

Just then the doorbell rang.  Kristy leapt to her feet and raced downstairs to greet her super best friend Devin.  She swung open the door and gave her friend a big hug.  The two 8th graders laughed and raced upstairs to Kristy's room slamming the bedroom door behind them before their monster weekend of fun!


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  5. Imagine how proud John felt as for the first time he watched his beautiful young daughter smoke a cigarette he had bought for her. And in the case of Kristy, she smoked with extreme desire and awesome skill. This is an awesome and inspiring story.