Monday, October 21, 2013

Smoking - The art of the open mouth inhale

Ahh the open mouth inhale.  Also known as the snap inhale by alot of people. A way to spot a true smoker in my opinion.  A girl that truly enjoys her smoke.  And there is nothing better than seeing a young woman perform a wonderful open mouth inhale.  Personally I much more prefer the open mouth inhale over a french inhale for sure.

My first recollection of a wonderful open mouth inhale came in my childhood days from a movie called Long Gone starring Virginia Madsen.  If you have never seen it, you should look it up.  Some wonderful smoking from a young Madsen.

Now check out this beauty.  Two pictures as she offers a nice little open mouth inhale.

Next up are a couple of beautiful blonde smokers as they perform wonderful snap inhales. 

It is so wonderful seeing that exact moment as the girls pull the smoke deep into their lungs.  The concentration on their faces and in their eyes says it all.

Finally I'll leave you with these two young smokers to round out the set of open mouth inhales as they show off a bit of smoke before inhaling deeply and letting loose a long exhale.

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  1. Clarification: to me at least, open-mouth inhales and snap inhales are two different things. A snap inhale is more showy, where the ball of smoke actually pops outside the confines of the mouth cavity for a split second before being sucked in. It`s not usual for the ball to extend out beyond the tip of the nose.

    I am much more of a fan of the pure open mouth inhale. A girl I used to work with did this every time she inhaled and to me it was far sexier. After taking a puff and removing the cigarette, the mouth was opened fairly wide and you could see this wall of smoke in her mouth. It never extended beyond her lips though, and then it would disappear into her as she would inhale deeply.

    There was something about the way she and some other women I have seen inhaling in this way that is hugely attractive to me. It is perhaps a suggestion of submission of some other quasi-sexual imagery involved. While with the snap there is no doubt that it is being done intentionally, with the pure open-mouth it is almost as if she smoker is just letting it happen to her.