Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kristy & The Barnett Family Smoking Part 9

Fresh off her wonderful shopping trip came the first day of school for both Kristy and her big sister Jessica.  Both were clearly looking forward to getting back to school and seeing everyone.  Not so much the homework or waking up early, but definitely back to seeing all their friends.

Sunday night both girls were busy making sure everything was ready to go.  Their clothes were laid out for the next day.  Everything prepared!  The nerves were on edge too.  So many cute boys to see the next day.  Kristy found herself wanting to smoke.  She was so happy that her mother allowed her to smoke in her room now.  She had an endless supply of cigarettes thanks to Kim and a fancy new pink lighter that she just loved!

As she plopped down at her desk to check her facebook, Kristy grabbed a fresh Marlboro light 100.  Just then she heard a knock on her door.  “What?”  Asked the 14 yr old.

“It’s me, can I come in?”  Asked her older sister Jessica.

“Sure sis come on in.”

Jessica came in and closed the door behind her turning the lock to make sure nobody else could disturb them.

“What’s up Jess?”

“Well I thought I would join you if you don’t mind.”  said Jessica.

“Umm ok.”  Krissy said as she took a nice long drag off her Marlboro.  As she exhaled she saw Jess holding what looked like a pack a cigarettes in her hand.  They were kid of hidden so she asked.

“What’s that in your hand?”

Jessica was ready, and fessed up to her younger sister.  “Well, I smoke too.”

“What?  When did you start?” asked the surprised 14 yr old.

“Well after I bought you that pack a couple months back and saw you smoke I got curious myself.  One day at granny’s I asked her about it and she let me try one of hers.  I have been smoking some ever since.”

“Wow I would have never thought!”  exclaimed Kristy.  “Here have one with me then!”

Jessica pulled out a benson & hedges menthol and reached for Kristy’s pink lighter.

“I see you smoke the same brand as grandma.”

Jessica nodded as she brought the menthol 100 to life.  Mmmmm it tasted so good as she had not smoked in almost two days.  Kristy watched as her sister inhaled deeply before exhaling a long stream of smoke across her bed.  Jessica resisted the urge to cough as she finished her long exhale.

“Wow sis.  Grandma taught you well.  That exhale went on forever.”  she said giggling.

Jessica nodded to her little sister.  “You are so lucky mom lets you smoke now.  How did you tell her?”

“It was on the long drive to Dallas for the soccer tournament.  After a few hours in the car I couldn’t take it anymore and it just kind of happened.  Luckily she didn’t freak out or anything.”

Jessica finished another exhale and said “I want to tell her too.”  Each word was accented by tiny whisps of smoke.  “I’d love to be able to smoke in my room too just like you!”

“So tell her!  If she wasn’t mad about me then she definitely can’t be mad about you.”  Kristy said as she stubbed out her finished Marlboro.

Jessica clearly was not so sure.  “I dunno sis.  I’m kinda nervous about it.”  Jessica went into their shared bathroom shutting the door behind her.

Kristy had a plan.  She would take care of this situation herself.  She skipped across the room and grabbed her cell phone.  Kristy knew her mom was downstairs watching television so she sent her mom a quick text asking her to come upstairs to her room in 5 minutes.  After sending the text Kristy quietly unlocked her bedroom door and took her place back at her desk.  As her sister emerged from the bathroom, Kristy almost couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

“Go ahead sis and have another.  It’s probably the last one you will get to have until tomorrow.”  Kristy said as she grabbed herself a fresh marlboro light.  After lighting her own she tossed the pink lighter over to  Jessica who already had a B&H between her lips.

Just as Jessica was finished lighting her new cigarette and in the middle of her opening drag the door swung open and there stood their mom Kim.  Jessica was busted as she inhaled and held the smoke inside her chest.  Her mother put her hand on her head in astonishment as she saw both her daughters sitting in Kristy’s room holding lit cigarettes.

Jessica didn’t know what to do so she held her inhale inside while her mom walked into the room.  Finally Jess could hold it no longer and turned her head letting loose her typical long stream of smoke.

“So.  I see you are smoking too now Jessica.”  Kim commented.

Kristy was clearly digging these events.  She took a drag of her own cigarette and inhaled deeply waiting to see what would happen next.

Jessica looked over and glared at her little sister.  She knew Kristy was behind this somehow.

Jessica sat in silence also waiting to see what her mother would do next.  “Well I guess I should have expected it.  We all come from a family of smoking women you know.”

And that was that.  Jessica had expected worse.  Kim walked over and took a cigarette from her 14 yr old daughters pack lighting up.  Jessica was afraid to take a drag as both Kristy and Kim looked at her.  “I see you smoke the same brand as grandma.  I take it she must have had something to do with this?”

Jessica nodded.  “During one of our card games I asked her about it.”

Even though you are 18 the rules will apply to you as well Jess.  You are still in high school and living at home.  Keep your smoking hidden and only smoke here unless you have my permission for something different.

Jessica was beaming.  Her little sister clearly set her up, but it turned out working out better than she could have ever imagined!  Now she could smoke all she wanted in her own room!  Jessica hopped up and went over to give her mom a hug as she skipped off to her own room, cigarettes in hand and smoke trailing behind her.

Kristy just started laughing as she watched her mom give a big grin.  Kim should have been concerned but she just simply wasn’t.  She remembered how the smoking issue brought her so much closer to her own mother when she started.  Now she knew the impact would be the same.  At a time when most daughters are pulling away from their mothers and looking for freedom, Kim had something to share with her girls.  Something they could do together.

She inhaled deeply.  Filling her chest to the max with smoke as a broad smile crossed her face.  Jessica watched and proceeded to do the same.  As the mother and daughter smoked in silence, enjoying their new-found freedom, Kristy heard her phone announce a new text message.

Kristy stubbed out her Marlboro and reached for her phone.  It was from her best friend Devin.  “Hey how about a slumber party this weekend?” read the text.

Kristy loved hanging out with Devin!  She quickly responded “Sure!  You’re place or mine?”

A minute later came the response “Yours”

“DUN see u at school” Kristy replied setting her phone on her desk.


  1. Nice! You never disappoint.

  2. Great story. I love them.

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